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Hi, What does the underlined sentence mean, please? Inexperience would make me think that the corner frequency of the buffer input, the biasing stage which creates a high-pass, would need to be high(er) with respect to the low-pass corner frequency, to avoid blocking/attenuating the signal of interest, not "...low versus (...)
You didn't even tell about the filter topology (e.g. sallen key, MFB) used by the tools. How could we answer the question? Generally, the same filter characteristic can be implemented with different circuits. Why don't you show both circuits?
Why would you design it yourself instead of choosing an off-the-shelf part? For 4 bits, it could be easier to generate a PWM with 4 bit encoded duty cycle and run it though an active low pass filter (i.e. sallen-key works pretty well for this application).
Hi, it is a 2nd order sallen key low pass filter. If your connections are right, then it should have an input range of about +/- 200V. Is your R7 able to dissipate 30W of power? Connect GND_Ref (C1, R3) for the OPAMP directely with extra wire to R8. Connect R2 directely with extra wire to R8. Klaus
hmmm yes, now I got it . the transfer function of a cascaded RC second order low pass filter is by nature 1/((T1S+1)(T2S+2)) so it can be either over damped or critically damped, but it will never oscillates because these 2 poles are always real. Yes - correct. But with the componenets you have used in your circui
Below is a simulation of a simple single-supply precision full-wave rectifier into a Bessel 2nd-order sallen-key 10Hz low-pass filter. It has a ripple of less than 1mVpp with a 1Vpk 200Hz signal. The settling time for a change in the signal level is about 100ms. It uses a single quad LM324 op amp (...)
A sallen-key has feedback that allows a sharper rolloff at the corner frequency then two single-pole filters in series. Your sallen-key filter is not properly desired to do this (where did you get those component values?). If you change C3 in the sallen-key filter to 440nF (...)
The question isn't really clear. I tend to understand active filters with MOSFET amplifiers. That's basically possible. I can imagine e.g. sallen-key filters with MOSFET source followers as buffer. To turn the post in a meaningful question, you would want to mention a filter specification. Needless to say that you can also design (...)
I have never seen any designs that would cascade a passive RC-filter before sallen-key filter. It's a standard third order low- or high-pass topology. Of course the passive filter has to be reflected in the values of active second order block. The technique is called "absorb first order". I (...)
Hello! I am releasing on breadboard a high pass filter sallen key + low pass filter SK + passive low pass filter on a breadboard. Acquiring the out signla with labview I had a 3 khz noise that increase too much the gain. Look ak the pics / video. Any idea? (...)
I am using a 8th Order, 4 Stage low pass sallen key filter and didn't understand a few points. 1. Why does the Gain Bandwidth Product of each Op Amp at each successive stage increase? 2. In the same way, why does the cut off frequency and the Quality factor increase at each successive stage? 3. What happens if i (...)
The gain is nothing to do with the Butterworth response. You can't implement a RC filter with complex pole pairs without a gain element respectively a buffer (A=1). The gain becomes part of the sallen-key transfer characteristic and in so far has to do with the Butterworth response. For each gain value, you get specific R and
Hello Everyone, I want to design a 4th order Butterworth LP filter of sallen key type. The 3dB frequency is 750MHz....can someone give me ideas, references, etc. to achieve this high frequency filter design thanks
Dear all, Could anybody explain to me the stability issues (if any) of sallen-key Active Filter?. There are two loops - i) frequency-independent negative feedback loop and ii) frequency-dependent positive feedback loop (this loop's feedback-factor's transfer function is bandpass type). Will there be any phase-margin problem in this kind (...)
I have never seen Filter- Pro program make a simple but good sallen and key second-order filter with two RC values the same or wirh one resistor or capacitor simply double the value of the other one.
I need to design 250Hz sallen key filter and looking for good opamp. I only have single supply at 3volts. I used AD824 and my design works for +3volts and -3volts supply. But it doesnt work for +3volts and 0 supply although the data sheet says that its a single supply opamp. I cant push the input to 1.5votls as I need to use several stages and a
ac-dc, sallen-key is simply a hardware implementation of a low-pass or hgh pass filter. low pass filters are used in applications where low frequencies must be passed, and high frequencies must be attenuated. Conversely, high (...)
It is more proper to use 10nF capacitor or 1nF capacitor for the low pass filter design?
I am designing a two-pole sallen-key low pass filter. I am looking to make it into a switched-capacitor filter. Anybody have any good books or articles that I could take a look at? Thanks