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I am designing an ADC in umc 65nm which operates at 1GHz. The analog section consists of the sample and hold and a bunch of comparators. The digital section consists of an Encoder(synthesized in Cadence Encounter). When I connect the analog section and digital section to different power rails(VDD_A (...)
The analog input impedance of the PIC is very high. The reason for the 10K "recommended" limit is because the pin goes through an analog switch matrix to route the pin to a sample and hold circuit. The S&H 'snapshots' the voltage so it can't change while the measurement is being taken. It uses a capacitor to (...)
I try to simulate a chopper instrumentation amplifier. Chopping frequency is 5 KHz and cut-off frequency is 700 Hz. I use pss+pnoise analysis to see the noise spectrum and measure the integrated noise, but it seem to be wrong. Is it necessary to put an ideal ?sample-and-hold? circuit in (...)
Perhaps you wish to catch the maximum readings? During every 1/50 sec? Or 1/10 sec? Or 1 sec? Then this might be a job for a sample-and-hold circuit. It depends on what amount of detail you wish the data to contain (for instance, waveform as jackhammer makes single break through concrete). Also depends on what timeframe (...)
hi everyone I need to read peak or valley of an analog pulse with 400ns minimum pulse width. When there is pulse the signal value can be from 0 to 1.8V and when there is no pulse the signal can be any voltages from 0 to 1.8V . So there is peak or valley in different situations. There is a digital trigger signal that shows me there is pulse on
Hi, I have a question about simulating the noise of a S/H circuit. The method I am using right now is to simulate noise in sample and hold phase separately. First, I put it in sample mode and simulate the noise over the sampling capacitor (CS) and (...)
Hi, you want to to store any anloge value? Then look for sample and hold circuits. But it keeps value only for a limited time... For inifinte time maybe digital pots are useful. It needs a comparator and some logic. It needs some sampling time for the wiper to adjust. then it has theoretically infinite (...)
Hi guys I am trying to simulate the PSS & Pnoise of simple sample and for circuit for thermal noise simulation. 109671 The clock signal for gate voltage swings from 0 to 2.4V (for rail to rail sampling) The input source (PORT0) generates sine signal from 0 to 1.2V Accoring to kT/C noise theory, I expect to noi
Hi I am designing the ADC circuit for 125MSPS for this I need to design a sample and hold circuit. I am using the 0.35u technology by tsmc. I succeeded in designing the opamp with 1Mhz frequency but unable to go further kindly help me out with this its bit of urgent. Thanks in advance
some PA systems will sense the ambient sound level and automatically adjust the volume so it is above the background sound level so you might look at the circuit blocks they use. I would surmiss it is a sample and hold circuit feeding a DC controlled voltage amp
Hey guys, I have a basic question about SC circuits. Say we want to have a switched cap circuit as a sample and hold in an ADC or as an integrator. If the resolution of the converter is expected to be 10 bits, I wonder if it means that the voltage stored on the capacitor should be within one LSB error of (...)
Hello all, I have a basic question, when we design a sample and hold or switch cap circuit, the output of the circuit (voltage on the sampling cap in SH, or on the integrating cap in integrator) would not be exactly like the input voltage. Now I am not quite sure about these issues: 1) which parameter (...)
Hi, I'm trying to design an two staged Op amp for a sample and hold ciruit with 125v/us slewrate and GBW>50 mhz with 60 degrees phase margin. My main problem is that i can t fullfill both gbw and phase margin requirement. Am i doing something wrong or should i just use a different amplifier? I (...)
What are the sample and hold circuit ..... What are it's specification..? One of the better thread and solution so far.
Hello, I'm designing a differential sample-and-hold. I have some specifications I have to met. The maximum supply voltage is 1.2V and there is chosen to be 100mV margins on the supply lines leaving a voltage swing of 1V from 0.1V to 1.1V. The kind of circuit I am designing is the differential equivalent (...)
Hi, can u please tell me how to draw sample and hold circuit in cadence using two stage opamps.....and can u please tell me if i give input voltage 1.8v the how the output voltage in sample and hold circuit..Can u send me the (...)
Hi all, during the simulation of the sample and hold circuit, i have encountered one problem. the circuit is a simple sample and hold circuit consisting of a switch and a capacitor. the input is vsin with pac mag set to 1. (...)
cant use microcontoller its IC. Seems like a though question...Yes, but how do you make the circuit to "know" the next pulse? Anyway, you have to make at least two storage circuits (sample and hold), probably more.
Hi, i am Dev working for a project Flash ADC design using Tanner EDA, I am very much new to this tool and facing lot of problems with the design of FLASH ADC. Please help me how to start.I am want to design sample and hold circuit using CMOS 180nm Technology. Please help me how to start.
I am playing with sample+hold circuits in pspice and after getting frustrated with leakage currents across mosfet hold switch I went to falstad and tried to come up with a way to compensate for the leakage using ideal and identical components. Here is part of an sh (...)