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I need help in my project. it's about sample rate conversion in matlab for a wav file I've done a few steps and I need someone to help me with the rest. >> =wavread(' .wav') >>sound then I need to write the instruction z=2y then sound(z,Fs) but it gives me error !!
how can i set frequency separation and sample per symbol in M-fsk modulation in designing reed solomon code using simulink? Is there any relation between symbol period of AWGN channel and mary fsk modulation? And as i am doing comparision of different reed solomon code keeping code rate constant,is it (...)
Guys, How do I translate 2400Hz baud rate to sampling rate in samples/second? Is there any relationship here? I'm using Labview Modulation toolkit but the lazy bump at NI didn't include baud rate, all that they accept for digital demodulation is (...)
hello everyone, i have a basic doubt ... please quote the differences between , 1.bit duration 2.bit period 3.symbol duration 4.sample period
Hi all, Why Es/No = SNR(Tsym/Tsamp)? It seems when sample rate increase, SNR will decrease? Tsym is the period of symbol rate, Tsamp is over-sampled signal. Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best regards, Davy