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If you have an AC signal of suitable amplitude and use a full wave rectifier or use exclusive OR logic on successive delayed samples the transition will produce a zero crossing spike. YOu can choose any polarity of that spike by design in analog or digital and then use it to send pulses to triacs etc. A brown Out or black out condition is better d
Hi all i have a circuit to simulate in PSIM but output seems not to be correct anyone have a sample for half bridge rectifier and also Fixed high frequency PWM inverter Eventually it will merger to a switch mode power supply circuit Thanks
You should use opamp (with dual power supply) to amplify signal from currrent transformer (if its small to much). Then you can make bridge rectifier with schotky diodes (low voltage drop). Then you need ADC (inside mcu or outside), so you need to get samples of current and do some math (to get effective value). Lots of work. Regards,
probably most popular is international rectifier. they are also the most expensive. also comes to mind is they both give free samples :) Mr.Cool

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