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Effect of DAC resolution can be estimated by quantization noise calculation. sampling rate will theoretically not affect THD as long it's above the Nyquist rate and a sufficient reconstruction (anti-aliasing) filter is used. Existence of the filter is presu
i have one doubt. when A and B system are cascade, then if the system is linear time invariant system even A and B are interchanged, no change in result. quantizer is a nonlinear system. but even the sampling and quantization is interchanged the entire result is unchanged and same result (...)
If you do not use "coherent sampling" you need to apply a window function to your signal before the fft, see below.nsignal=4096; fs=44100; f=1001*fs/nsignal; % coherent sampling i.e. integer number of cycles (1001) in nsignal samples %f=1000; %non-coherent sampling. Use hann window below t=/fs; y=1*sin(2*pi*f*t); w=ones(nsignal,
Hi all What is the relationship between "sampling frequency" and "quantization noise" in audio signals?
Hello , i'm newbie here :D . Just a simple question , is there a relation between sampling frequency and quantization ? I implement a quantization script under MATLAB 7.0.14 for quantizating signals. Theorically the quantized signal must be like stairs , not a line ! These are my results : For fs(frequency (...)
I need mathematical examples about the subjects in image processing: -filtering in the spatial domain. -filtering in the frequency domain. - Histogram equilization. -Image sampling and quantization. -Gray Level Transformations. Anyone can help me in that?
Why do we use the quantization process? and what is the motivation? when u get sampling result, what will u do to it?... Answer is u will quantise it.. so if u are using suppose 3 bit quantaization, u will try to give a 3 bit (0 to 7) code to each sample. then using these 3 bit codes, u can make ur original signal too. g
Dear all I need the following the paper, but i don't access to it, if you can ,pls send it for me. thanks you for your help. Chang,H., ?Presampling filtering,sampling and quantization effects on the digital matched filter performance? Proceeding of International telemetering conference,pp.889-915,San (...)
In 2001, Abidi published a paper of "A 6-b 1.3-Gsample/s A/D Converter in 0.35-um CMOS". Only 6-bit resolution is required, however, Abidi and Michael Choi added 1pF as input sampling capacitor. The thermal noise due to KT/C is only about 2mV, which is much lower than LSB quantization noise. Why they put so much capacitance there (...)
oversampling reduces the quantization noise density.
Hi, all I noticed for some SD ADC designs, ppl use CDS to decrease integrator leakage and flicker noise. For those of designs that circuit noises are the dominant noise sources (i.e. quantization noise is not so obvious), how can I model flicker noise and white noise properly if CDS is employed? thanks. -TiwstedNeurons
u can use the wavread command to read the file and wavplay to play the wav file note in the above two methods u can change the bits/sample and sampling frequency. but i suggest u to use a wav file which is sampled at 8k si that u can get a nice output. as a wave file is a digitized oneu cannot quantize it again u can (...)
Hi all, I am wondering for a 12-bit resolution ADC, how big of a sampling capacitor at the front end should be in order to surpress the kT/C noise and opamp thermal noise from the later stages? Peoples used 6pf before, I think it is way too big. Any ideas?
You have to do sampling first, because remember that sampling has the time reference, that is the sampling period. quantization is just mapping a set ot measured voltages, to a set of predefined discrete voltajes, that are in turn mapped to a set of binary digital values by ADC. So in order to do this, you have to (...)
Hi Process gain is defined as improvement in signal to quantization ratio when using oversampling. PG = 10 * log10(fs / (2 * BW)) BW = output BW after decimation. To calculate PG you need to know BW, so specify the output BW or decimation ratio then i can help you. Regards
I has these IEEE papers about NOISE FOLDING and could upload them: 1. An approach to tackle quantization noise folding in double-sampling /spl Sigma//spl Delta/ modulation A/D converters Rombouts, P.; Raman, J.; Weyten, L.; Circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing, IEEE (...)
i think your question is not so clear... basically, to convert an analog signal to digital: sampling then quatization.
Hi, I hope you are not looking for DIRECT digital down conversion. I had used digital downconversion for a GPS receiver. It is fairly easy. you follow in digital all the process of analog. However you need to be careful about sampling and quantization levels. B R Madhukar