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sanath, This subject where already covered at this topic, maybe not so deep as you want. Check if this can help you : +++
Hi sanath , Great welldone. i want the do the same work i want to upload data to the website access database using ASP script. You can get data from the file use ASP or PHP is powerfull. Could you please provide me the AT commands how to connectip GPRS to the internet i am using APN i am not sure about these things. Regards, Shan
Hi Guys, After I import the netlist for the existing .max layout file , my Auto-route option automatically gets disabled which even does not enable for the new layout design. So every time I have to install the orcad again and have to check for auto-route option. Can anyone help me in this problem with Orcad. [
Hi sanath, Try this link :
Long back I had inquired the price of this GPS module , I think now it costs around 3100 INR from NSK Electronics Bangalore. Please let me know whether this GPS Module is working fine. Hai sanath Yes..its the same what i had bought. It worked fine for me.
Hi Guys, I am currently designing the Baseboard for SIM305 Module. Please let me know the specification of 60 PIN Board to Board connector used for SIM305 module. Regards sanath Embedded