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The sar-12bit may be configured as a DAC but considering the learning curve will have just to make 2 sine waves and the chip capability, I can think of better choices and more suitable applications for the chip when you learn how to use it. A protoboard is not the best for low noise sine waves with long wires. It seems (...)
Pipeline will be very difficult to achieve 12bit and even more difficult for 14 bit, because of noise reasons. According to me, don't even consider it. Sigma-delta is perhaps the way to go. But you need the appropriate technology to achieve the frequency you want, up to a certain value. With fast technology, maybe even sar will do the job. (...)
As you can see the structure, it's a 8it sar ADC, we just replace the capacitor array with split capacitor array to realize a 12bit 1K sampling rate sar ADC. Its designed for EEG singal processing which has very low frequency. Now we have builted an ideal model in cadence and use ideal DAC to convert the ADC output. We (...)
Guys, I need to design 12bit 1MSps sar ADC with input having of 0~VDD range and 20KHz. Input will be coming from selection MUX. Can single-ended topology cover for this spec or should go with fully differential topology? and if I pick fully differential topology, I need to single-to-differential converting for ADC input. (...)
HI, All: The project is a 12bit sar-ADC, the 6 MSBs is binary-weighted mom-cap, the unit is 68fF, and the Msb is 68*32=2176fF. The 6 LSBs is resistor divider. In the pre-simulation the ENOB is 11bit. But in the post-simulation the ENOB is just 8.6bit. I check the whole project, and find the problem is from the m
HI ALL: I have a sar adc 12bit 200ks/s get resolution of 12 bit, so the comparator of sar adc its gain need 20*log4096=72db ,and to have sample rate=200ks/s, the clock need to set 12*200ks/s=2.4Ms/s. and there is a question, if the comparator is used opamp, is there a circuit about gain=72db at it correct
Hello, next time I will take part on some 12bit sar ADC workshop. I'm an newcomer on this ADCs, I know only coarse how they works. and I want ask some interesting questions! Can somebody help me? Thanks