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i need matlab code for evaluating sar (specific absorption rate) using fdtd methode
Hi. Before start to design the sar ADC, i want to simulate the relationship between capacitor mismatches of CDAC and sar ADC using matlab. when capacitor mismatch ratio is 'sigma' and Cu is unit capacitance, plz check the equation and next matlab code capacitor mismatch ratio ~ N(0,sigma^2) (...)
I'd think an sar ADC is a pipeline type ADC, isn't it? I don't have a different script, sorry!
I have designed the sar ADC of 8 bit with sampling frequency of 1MHz in cadence.For calculating the dynamic performance , i have used code provided by Maxim . for exporting data , i have used the tool called TABLE in cadence and saved as . csv file and for processing , i deleted the time and heading of Table and saved as txt file and fed to the mat
I Have designed the schematic of 8bit sar ADC in cadence . For calculating the INL and DNL of adc, i have used the slow input ramp and the output digital data is recorded in the tabular form in .csv format . As i want to proceed calculation in matlab by using the code provided by maxim but not , please help me providing the procedure
I'm suposed to design the system of 7-bit sar ADC , i'm asking , verilogA or matlab code or simulink is recommended to use ?
hey all i have a simulink model of 8 bit sar ADC. i have to find the inl/dnl of that model. i have got a matlab code for that. there is a command load(o_adc_dig.mat) in that file but there is no such file in the simulink model. other files present in the model but not the above one. plz any one could tell me what this file could be. i
I draw a schematic of sar adc in cadence spectre, can I measure the SNDR of the adc directly from the sar logic output? Or should I need to use other method?
Hi, I have designed a 12 bit sar ADC in cadence. Can anyone plz guide me how to get the dnl/inl of the ADC by exporting the data to matlab? My queries are- 1) Plz help me get a gud .m file for the purpose. 2) I have done the transient simulation of the sar ADC putting an ideal DAC at the end of this. I've saved the data(including the
Hi guys, I have a design proj on sar ADC and now I have to build a behavioral model on matlab (I have the design alrdy) and I'm a beginner. -Is there any tutorial or example on modeling sar ADC using Simulink? -My capacitor array uses dual-sampling method which is different from the basic array, so I have to code my (...)
hii i want to calculate the sar in bio-layers in direct contact with antenna using 3D -FDTD with the help of matlab...........if anybody hv any idea abt to solve this problem then plz respond me.................if there any code related to this topic then plz send me at my
""need the matlab code for evaluation of sar (specific absorption rate)distribution in human head due to cellphone usage using FDTD method"" i used for calculating electric field in the biomedia the FDTD. can you help me?
which technique you used for calculating electric field in the biomedia because for sar you first calculate the electric field component then sar calculated ? after that i will tell you anything about these case.
Hello, Does anyone have matlab code for sar adc. ex: capacitor mismatch Thanks.
can any body guide to how to do behavioral modellilng of sar adc. can i use simulink (matlab ) for that or any other tool i can use ?
hi any one have sar ADC model in mathlab pls help Here is the complete simulation code in matlab, pls press "HELPED" if you think it helps.
need the matlab code for evaluation of sar (specific absorption rate)distribution in human head due to cellphone usage using FDTD method