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As far as I know there have never been any progressive scan PAL, NTSC or SECAM systems in use anywhere except for some specialized studio monitors. Having had to design a dual standard 60/59.97Hz scan converter I fully concur with Dans comments about it being really annoying! Brian.
Hello I am implementing a code for scan converter which involves the construction of look up tables. I am using Altera Quartus II for simulation. I have shown the code below, but I am having problems with the look up table instantiation. This involves sin LUT - for sin theta operations and cos LUT for cos theta operations. Kindly help..... l
IMHO, the USB to RS232 converter will be visible as a COMM x port. You will have to scan the available ports and select the correct one. Cheers Ravi
1. Use Optical Isolator between your Microcontroller and External Environment. ( This will protect your Controller ) 2. Use Relay of proper rating to switch ON Switch OFF external Device. (This will avoid overloading Optical Isolator) 3. For input, if isolators can with stand the rating use directly or use a level converter. 4. scan the input ba
Hey, I'm planning to use a grid of IR diodes to measure the position of one IR emitter. My idea is to wire up the diodes to the A/D converter of a PIC microcontroller, and scan over the diodes in the grid in rapid succession, measuing the exposure of each. I'm not sure if I need to amplify the signals. Maybe feeding a low reference voltage to th
Try with FESTO FEC PLC line. It is very cheap, and have some powerfull capabilities: - ethernet port integrated - rs232 master messaging - DOS system operating - 256 Kb of retentive memory - 2 msec scan time for 1k instructions - don't have battery (no manteninance) - can be directly connected to a analog/digital converter also very cheap
You can use switch capasitor filter and scan your frequency band..maxim has that chips(max 8 order) but these chips has 20Khz BW.