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Hi, The attached is a picture of the inductor current in a synchronous two transistor forward converter just after going from full load to no load. (its an LTspice sim) As you can see the inductor current suddenly reverses to a badly high level due to the fact that the LT1681 has ?malfunctioned??.the LT1681 holds the ?catch? synchronous rect
HI, i need some help on this simulation. can someone tell me how fix de error "Timestep too small", or review my schematic. tks
As is mentioned also on the source webpage of the schematic, to make this circuit working is a bit problematic. I think any of the many classic schematics available on the net would work better than this Arduino project.
Hello, I am trying to do Power integrity analysis using PIPRO, Keysight ADS software. I have imported a layout in PIPRO setup. For PI_AC analysis, I want to assign a schematic as a component model to an IC (Packaged chip) for analysis. How can I create a component model of a schematic for use in PIPRO? I have tried creating a symbol but
Hi All, while hotplugging(5-8 times) FTDI chip usb-uart console onto my laptop; the processor reboots, this rebooting process is intermittent. the processors uart lines are connected to the consoles uart lines(I/O level 3v3 both processor and console); currently on the uart's TX and RX lines both, there is a series 100 ohm and capacitance
Hi, can anyone recommend an EVN or stacked FPGA system for capturing a still image? preferred 720p. I would like to trigger a snapshot - freeze the video and transfer the image via USB to a PC (via FTDI or Cypress USB chipset). The picture should only be transferred once the trigger occurred. This would be my first application with a camera
Hi, A lot of text, no clear question, not much we can verify... Please give * (a link to) the datasheet * your code * the scope picture * schematic * register contents (maybe the memory device needs some setup, or there are some write/read protections active) Klaus
Hello dear Gurus and normal guys. I have a question : When i connect camera 8 bit to the Artix 7 (XC7A100T 18kb bram -270 36kb bram-135 max kb-4,860) i can use BRAM for camera 640x480x8 8bit,when framevalid and linevalid on, counter starts to work and make address,wr enabled then on camera pixelclk saves camera data to bram.. and when vga wor
Hi, I would like to generate a spice netlist from Cadence schematic. I have googled and found comments saying using HSPICE simulator which is not working for me. Is there another way to generate a spice netlist from schematic?
Hello experts! I am totally new to electronics and I need help with connecting the MQ135 Gas sensor with my raspberry pi 3B+ and with interpreting the data that the sensor provides. My main problem is that the sensor provides analog signals and the RPi 3B+ does not have a pin for analog signals. Therefore I bought an A
hi in this schematic i want to use uc3846 instead of sg3525 and control the primary i need to add a sense resistor (and rc filter)and use suitable caps and resistors which are in datasheet to run uc3846. but is that needed to change other schematic parts?like add or remove other components? 156723
The common-DRAIN transistor has a no phase difference between input and input. You originally asked about MOSFET acting as capacitor, now you switched to common drain amplifier. It's time to clarify the topic and show a schematic of what you are trying to achieve. - - - Updated - - - Your
Hi Why is it that PFC controller datasheets don?t tell you that they all have a facility to damp the LC filter ringing near the mains zero crossing? The PFC controllers all do this because PFC controllers don?t draw much current near the zero cross, and so when the mains suddenly forward biases the bridge diodes just after the zero cross, curren
Hi all~ I'm trying to simulate the phase noise of my VCO and I used EM simulator to extract port to port s-parameters (all ports including IND and MOS,,...) and applied the results to cadence schematics through nport in analogLib. PSS/Pnoise results of phase noise in cadence was so bad and it shows difference of more than 10dBc/Hz compared t
I need to work on a project where the microcontroller should: 1-)Read three voltage outputs of an accelerometer 2-)Log the data to an SD card 3-)Send the logged data to cloud by intervals via a GPRS module The requirements are to make it cheap and most importantly low power. I will have enough time for this I guess. But since there are zil
"The 3A DC to DC converter keeps shutting off due to the thermal over load protected being triggered." what is it designed to use as input? check that the bad location has that input I blew up an HP Arbitrary Function Generator by plugging it into 220V when it was set for 110V only had to move a switch on the back - it kept shutting down and I
I'm looking for old altera EPM7128SL FPGAs. On ebay there are many at a bargain price, but I don't trust them. Could you give me some advice on where to buy them?
Connection of KSx and Ilimx is wrong in your schematic. Probably only a drawing error. As your measurement shows, the chip is hold in shutdown. May be due to previous OVP or UVP fault.
Hello experts! I am trying to build a simple rectenna system on a flexible board to turn on an LED. I started off with ADS simulation, followed by PCB fabrication on conventional FR4 board. Till here, everything worked fine and the LED turned on at 2~3 meters away from the transmitting antenna. However, if I move the circuit to a flexible b
Hello , how to generate proper layout from this schematic ? i need to make layout so i can export the gerber file. Note : Both are the same just rearranged. 156729156730