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I would put a trivial series resistor between any veriloga block pin, and the larger schematic. Any parallel "stuff" should be attached to the outboard ends. In my experience this forces the conversion of port I, V to be done in a way that works for SPICE / Spectre. And it lets you probe a well behaved, no-mystery primitive element which is hard (
Hello all, I imported a verilog netlist for a layout previously designed in Encounter. When I try to open the schematic and hit check&save, I get these errors: Error: Net "v_CALCULATION_CNTR<7:0>" shorted to net "N5512,N5511,N5510,N5509,N5508,N5507,N5506,SYNOPSYS_UNCONNECTED__0". Error: (DB-270004): Illegal bus reference - Can't tap "
Hi, in this schematic a sub-harmonic polyakov mixer is used together with a saturable reactor to form a simple (lossy) direct conversion receiver. I read the description, but I need a bit of help about how to wind the cores and why do they have to be of opposite phase in the OSC side?
Dear All, Can any body help on schematic conversion from Dx Designer to Orcad. Thanks in advance. Regards Amarnadh
Show me schematic.
ADS will create a symbol view with ports how many there are.. If you don't want to use them all, keep them unconnected on the top level schematic. Or, delete the ports which you don't desire to see in sub-schematic.
Hi, I am trying to measure 50Hz AC RMS voltage using PIC18F4520 microcontroller. schematic shows how I am giving the input to ADC. adding a DC offset of 2.5 to the transformer output. there is also a zero crossing detector to take the samples for just one complete cycle correctly. But the measured values are not constant. so I measured 50 cycles
hi i am doing the design of CMOS stage Cross couple rectifier with high efficiency performance. but i have a few question for my schematic stage. i design using galaxy custom designer by synopsis 1) how to calculate the power conversion efficiency of the rectifier using the SAE tool? 2) Is it possible to do dc biasing for my circuit, as through
Hi, I´m not sure what you need. There are lots of schematics of using IR2110 around. --> read IR2110 datasheet --> go to (or other manufacturers) and find IR2110 application notes --> go to (or other manufacturers) and find "driving IGBT" application notes Klaus
Hi all I have chosen the AL210 for this Ethernet to Fiber optic conversion.I have doubts and I have posted my schematic and its datasheet.Can you tell me what things i have done wrong in the schematic. 1.Pin num 20 & 27..I don t know how to give connections.and i don t know what is the meaning of Reduntant data sheet They have split
Hi, Did you recognise that there is no single value in your post? But we need informations like current range, supply voltage range, CMVoltage range, frequencies, acceptable find an appropriate solution. Also your schematic is very important Klaus
No schematics can be converted directly to HDL code.
The super-regenerative receiver can receive FM also: On your schematic, perhaps will be very hard to find the old Russian GT311 "hat" transistors. Have to search the surplus market for some old out-of-use satellites or tanks :-)
Has anybody ever worked on usb to sata conversion using GL830 or any other IC. I have designed using GL830 but there seems to be an issue. Can anybody help me? i will share the schematic.
Hi All, I want to convert GDS file to schematic..that means if they given Layer by Layer gds layout we can capture from that responsible schematic like it is opamp PLL is possible any tool is there for this conversion please anybody know this method means send me...
Can you attach the schematic again Alek, for some reason the link is not working. I think we need to see a schematic to answer your problem, from what you describe you did everything correctly and the two grounds are the problem. It may take some miinor redesigning to bring the real and virtual grounds together. Brian.
Your schematic drawing software creates a nightmare of wires all over the place! Also the grid lines are distracting. You do not show an input frequency range. Your 5V power supply is much less than the 15V shown in the datasheet.
Hi, a schematic could help to understand your problem. ****** A passive CT only works with AC. DC is not possible. AC means alternating current. Alteranting means it changes. Often AC is sinusoidal. If you do an AD conversion on a sinsoidal voltage you may get results ranging from negative peak to positive peak voltage. For example: doing c
Hi boys, please, can you help me? I need create design of power supply for GSM module SIM900. I found some catalog schematic of LM2576 ADJ as STEP DOWN from 12VDC to 4VDC. It's ok, but I need step down converter from 24V AC. Is good idea to use catalog circuit with diode bridge in input? Which solution do you suggest? Diode bridge or simply use of
Hi, I'm trying to Convert i.mx6rx schematic from altium to orcad, I Did changes in SDt.cfg file to link to my working library, but to no anvil. Also, Using altium tried saving the project to .dsn format, but doesn't work I get the following error: """"" ********************************************************************************
Hi All, I converted a orcad capture(.DSN) schematic file to altium designer schematic. During conversion properities attached to schematic symbol getting removed. Pls let me know what is the exact procedure for conversion. Thanks, shabby.
I have a design in Orcad capture. I want to convert it to Candece DFII format that can be open in Virtuoso schematic. How to do the conversion?
Hello everyone. I'm having a trouble figuring out where the problem is, in my configuration. I have a AC/DC power converter supplying a load. I wanted to get the voltage across that load using a voltage divider and sending the information to a PIC microcontroller. The problem is: whenever I connect the negative pin of the output to Vss of
Hi Friends. I want to open PADS schematic file in to dx-designer. can anybody tell how to do this? THANKS
Some comments: Have you completed a standalone Momentum simulation on the antenna network yet? This would show that the EM simulation was set-up correctly before attempting the co-simulation in the schematic. It looks like the wire connecting from C1/C4/C5 and the antenna has a red indication on the antenna end. This indicates that it is not
Check on oscilloscope what are you getting from pin A or B. In your schematic it'll be better to use pull up and pull down at A & Bwhile using 485 conversion... wikipage of RS485 has details explanation about how to connect them and why we need them and which values we should use for pull up & pull down. Because it seems that your slave may not be
Hi, SAW filter is for : Surface Accoustics Waves. I think that you can't create a layout of this type of filter in ADS except a simulation of the schematic that modelize this filter. SAW filters have a special substrate where accoustic wave travel. The transducers assume the conversion between electric HF signal and accoustic vibration signal. In
Hi i am using orcad 9.1, i wanna ask is it possible to develop schematic from layout?
No details of the file extension of the schematic was mentioned. A schematic on a paper, JPG, BMP or PDF format can only be converted to a PCB layout by Human brain on a separate software meant for it. In case you have the schematic in .sch, or any such designing software format, it can be converted to PCB by the same software.
I need your full schematic from Analog driver , ADC analog/digital ground isolation, DAC output. It is clear your noise is independent of the signal input frequency but dependent of sampling clock rate lower than 250MHz. To me this is analog noise that can come from multiple sources which I can only guess without a schematic. 1. Commutation nois
hi there, i think attached video may help. you can also hit Google with the keywords :"schematic driven layout +Tanner" . it will give you some of the demonstrations(videos) on youtube!
Hello, Attached is a schematic that now only resembles the UHF receiver I have been designing. It simulates fine but when placed on a board it required alot of modifications to get working. Anyway I can inject a signal at the Antennae port at -100dbm and view the signal on the spectrum analyzer after the saw filter at -90dbm. The oscillator wor
AN1106 - AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power conversion Applications Using the dsPIC? DSC - Application Notes - Details The above link contains source code and AN1106 not for schematic..........I need a 100 watt active power factor model in pr
Do a search on the internet e.g. Simple VGA/Video adapter with ATmega AVR free schematics: VGA to TV Converter Circuit VGA to video converter
Hello everyone, I am working on MPPT schematic for a PMSG stand-alone wind energy conversion system. I have seen from my literature review that grid-connected WECS are better analyzed than stand-alone systems. Hence, I would like help in clarifying some of my doubts. Find attached (my impressions of) a schematic of a Stand-Alone WECS. (...)
I have drawn a schematic using Diptrace.And want to use it in power point .The file format is not supported by power point .How do i convert it to some other form..PLZ HELP
Hi, I have attached the schematic. Regards, Viswanath
Hi all, Is it possible to export symbols (library) of CADSTAR schematic software in Ascii format? If yes, how to do that? Thx pcbman
Hi, May i know is there a way to convert Eagle 5 schematic design file into Altium support format schematic file? Thanks.
Sir thanku for the reply i need to know how to convert resistor,capacitor,inductor,transistor from schematic to layout????? please help me...
Can you trace out the schematic diagram to enable determination of losses in power owing to ref.voltage bias /conversion ,switching and determine the OFF times reduction. This will improve your efficiency .
58429 i try to convert from schematic to layout using l-edit && s-edit tools but appear to me this error
Usually there is a current sense resistor at the output, if you double the value or that resistor it should provide half the current. If you can provide some kind of schematic it would help. Alex
Is there any software to convert pdf to orcad (or incase to any schematic design file)?
Any one know how to convert the Altium schematic file to Concept HDL? Hi, Check Elgris They have the tool E-studio and provide the services to convert Altium schematics to Concept HDL
Hi i have been developing verilog code for a design using XILINX ISE and the synthesised schematic obtained is a .ngr file . The LTSPICE schematic is .asc;.app file .Can .ngr file be converted to .asc file so as to import a larger design into LTSPICE. regards Vino
I have written code for the Analog Devices AD9851 using MikroElektronika Pascal and supplied a schematic, Hex file, and a PC application to control the AD9851 with an optical encoder, 12 button keypad, and an FT232 USB to serial connection to a computer. It makes use of the FPU Chip version 3.1 from Micromega for conversion of the output frequency
ncelab: *W,CUNOUN: Cannot find any unit under chrt18base.RFNMOS_1P8:spectre in the design libraries. ncelab: *E,CUCFUN: instance 'NM0' of the unit 'RFNMOS_1P8' is unresolved in 'pllmml.dts:schematic'. how can I solve this? one solution: Because the AMS simulation is different from spectre, so we must use the CIW-conversion Tool Box-AMS simI
As I understand it, it should be possible to export schematics from Expedition to ASCII and then import it to Capture. Likewise it should be possible to do the opposite transfer, from Capture to Expedition. There are also many third party programs that say they do the convertion for you. Does anybody have any experience from this? Does it work w
Hi tushar, You can convert 1-5V to 0-4V. Refer attached schematic. If you want to convert 1-5V to 0-5V, you have to use DC-DC Converter. Regards, Viswanath

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