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hspice is a simulator - Virtuoso is a schematic / layout design program. The Cadence simulator is Spectre. hspice and Spectre basically do the same thing, so you could use either.
I believe you sketched a schematic before typing-in the net list. You may want to show it. You should also tell what "expected output" specifically means. You are using default MOS models. Do you have any indications that they can work with 1V supply voltage? I'm not using hspice. My simulator gives me a warning that length parameter is below
can't help with the open access question. it seems to be a trend these days but not all PDKs adhere to it. for schematic and layout you should make your PDK compatible with cadence. they own this share of the market and drive it the way they see fit. for simulation you can go with hspice or spectre. both are similar. you should, at this point, th
Hi all, I want to set an initial condition for all nodes in a schematic. I know I can do .IC V(net#)=0V one by one. Is there any easier representation that I can give the initial condition to all nodes at once? And also, if my schematic is huge, I only want to know the voltage values of partial nodes(eg. half of the schematic (...)
How do I transfer the files from viewdraw.ini to ecs.ini? I need to open schematic files which is in viewdraw I m using hspice right now anybody have suggestion for this?
I'm not sure if your Spice subckts are ok: - ADD gate with 2 transistors only? Show your schematic! - both subckts have a singular node no. 5 (not a voltage!). Not a global node. What is it? - your VCC VCCF 0 5 supply isn't global, but belongs to HALF
Hi I need a simple and light tool for creating digital designs(schematic) and converting it to spice netlist. I create my schematic design with S-edit tool and export it as a spice netlist,but it doesn't work in hspice.please introduce a simple software(everything except Cadence IC). thanks
Hi to everyone I had a question guys I need to run a circuit in H spice. Can anyone help me. a schematic of circuit is attached to this thread. 112820
Hi, I am trying to import a hspice file and convert to schematic in cadence IC 6.1, but errors happened like: Inst: RXM0 Found net 'AIN'. Found net 'AINOUT'. Master Cell: 'resistor'. Did not find 'silterraC13.resistor:symbol'. ERROR (SPICEIN-24): Spice In did not find the symbol view of the master cell 'resistor' of the instanc
Hi I am new in RF design. I add spice model of AT-32033 in ADS (2013.06) but does not show pin number in schematic. My process of adding is Tools>hspice Compatibility Component>Wizard. schematic and spice model (file extention .psp) is attached. Please help and guide. Thanks in advance. 102019 *SPICE model fo
Maybe your post-layout netlist does not map (or name) nets the same as your schematic based testhench?
spice is a transistor simulator. So you need to built a circuit via text file or via schematic editor to generate this text file to then simulate it with a spice engine, and you need some stimulus.
Dear All, How can I use waveview for a schematic that contains only a veriloga symbol and a voltage source in hspice. No .tr0 file is created instead I'm having .valog! Any help is really appreciated.
choose the software according to your project. xilinx is used for coding, but for simulating circuits and to generate schematic it is not suitable. for circuit designing you can use hspice, mentor graphics..
Dear All, I am starting my project work for Post Graduation in Analog Design and wish to use hspice 2007.03 for this design. But since it is difficult to edit .sp files with notepad, I wish to get a schematic tool for drawing and then create a netlist from it, which should be compatible with hspice 2007.03. please suggest me with (...)
Hi, After creating and simulating a RF MEMS switch in HFSS, whenever I try to export equivalent circuit in .lib or hspice format, I am unable to generate circuit from .lib in PSPICE. I tried TINA, LT-SPICE. I tried conversions between .lib and .cir but no luck. Here is my netlist, the error is: "Circuit not found". I know the problem
Hi, How to generate eldo netlist from cadence schematic? "si" command is generally used for spectre,cdl,hspice netlist.. Is there a command for eldo netlist generations? thanks
i have designed a schematic of NOR2 by CDESIGNER. now i want to measure the delay time of nor2 by using hspice, but i don't know the command. please help me!
When I used the hspiceD in ADE of IC614(IC615) to extract the hspice netlist from the schematic, there was a bug in the extraction: "10p" should be converted to "10e-12" while it was converted to "10e122" instead, which made a mistake in simulation. And "1f" was converted to "1e155". The hspiced of IC5141 did not has this (...)
Hi, I am trying to create a symbol for memristor and link it to the subcircuit file of the following type. I am using cadence virtuoso schematic editor and hspice as the simulator. It will be of immense help if anybody can help me out with the steps to follow. I will be grateful. * MEMRISTOR * Ron, Roff - Resistance in ON / OFF States * R