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Hi I have built a regenerative receiver using this schematic it does not work. If I connect a 10K from the base of the transistor (c3 pin) to the vcc, then I can listen to stations but the controls do not change neither the frequency or the regeneration. I can listen to all band stations a
in the following picture, the schematic is a part of an ir receiver, here is a twin-t notch filter and a non-inverting amplifier. in the notch filter, R is programmable (s), and switch here is nmos transistor (having body effect), when simulation(assuming s=100), in some corner, the leakage current of s is 25nA also, causing a voltage
you need to put your schematic here or provide some more details regarding your question.
Hello, Attached is a schematic that now only resembles the UHF receiver I have been designing. It simulates fine but when placed on a board it required alot of modifications to get working. Anyway I can inject a signal at the Antennae port at -100dbm and view the signal on the spectrum analyzer after the saw filter at -90dbm. The oscillator wor
Show us schematic of transmitter and receiver block
I am trying to drive 3 ir leds from an ic using the following schematic : This seemed to work for a while but at my receiver i am getting a strange offset value as if the transistor cant turn the led's truly off at any time. Any
Interesting! The component references are not on the schematic but I think I can see what is going on. I think it uses a zero, or close to zero IF by running the oscillator very close to the signal frequency then uses a pulse counting detector to recover the audio. A similar design was available commercially in the UK back in the 1970s. Perf
I need schematic for design of loop powered 4-20mA transmitter(output section ) I need solutions with opamp,REF,Reg,transistor(discrete )
i'm looking for a schematic diagram for a syperheterodyne Rx with a proper values for the parts,coz i need to simulate it,can anyone help??
Hi friends, I need UHF mixer schematic for downconverting ~450MHz to ~45MHz. This is a receiver project. Ther are a lot of docs. on the web about mixers. But I can't use any special IC . I have to use only a few transistor for "mixer" section.