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My Project is controlling AC power by varying phase angle (Firing angle or delay angle) of the thyristor. I started to read a lot about it. Finally I decided to use this circuit: 130780 Does it seems so complex? I found it in TCA785 datasheet. If you google you will find the sim
Simple way :- use a relay as washing machine manufacturers do, else use four triacs. The other devices only work on DC. Though scrs will work on unsmoothed DC, you still need four. The other will work but the circuits are more complex.. Frank
SSR =Solid State Relay, which is what you asked for. However, as you have found, most SSR are used in AC applications where they inherently turn off when the control voltage is removed. In a DC application, an AC circuit using a triac or scr will not work unless you have a method of disrupting the current to turn them off. When turned on (...)
I have been searching for this everywhere including the books I have but I just can't find the design procedure for the circuit used to drive an scr using a Pulse transformer. It is a pair of antiparallel scrs being driven by a 1:1:1 Pulse transformer. The scr is TYN612 with - a) Igm(Peak gate current) = 4A b) Igt = 0.2mA to 15mA c) (...)
Hello I have some question based on phase angle control for 3 phase controlled rectifier based on arduino . hance I need to detect 3 zero crossing and generate 6 pulses for six scr gate as I am making full wave rectifier for 3 phase.. So arduino is fast enough for this application? I am using arduino based on at mega 8 . Mai
This is a new crowbar circuit at least to me, this application of the LM723 I've never seen before. This is a redraw of a Spanish magazine so I don't know about copyright it is just an amateur post. If someone have any observation against this circuit, please post it. In the article is said scr activation time 1us or 2us too fast isn't it??? 73 to
from what a blown 12 V regulator? Car operation @ 14.4V? regulate it better Certainly not EMI? Polyfuse it for over current or use an scr crowbar OVP protection with a fuse.
To roughly repeat a question I posted yesterday, I don't see why a scr shouldn't work. You don't need to switch it off in the present application.
would we take any type of SSR You would use a type according to the application. Assuming it's AC powered, you'll usually chose a Triac or dual-scr SSR with built-in zero-crossing detector. It's control input can be directly connected to the DC output of a temperature controller prepared for SSR operation. Connection schemes can be
salam guys i have to present scr application after two days........... so plz share a reliable and an east source about scr application that can help me ...................tnx in advanceLots of things involved in AC power control, like phase control of resistive heaters, motors, lighting. Same with triacs, wh
So here is what I am trying to accomplish. I am trying to take an old Jacobs wind turbine controller that was designed for a grid tie application and make it off grid. There is a 3 phase "wild" ac input from the turbine that is rectifyed but not clipped by the internal scr's to variable DC (40-180 volts). The sensing was designed to tie to the g
Hi, For AC control both can be used but in case of high power application, scr is preferable to avoid misfiring of Triac, as Triac can be fired with both positive and negative voltage to the gates but scr can only be fired with positive voltage applied to the gate and hence chance of misfire is less. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I wish to switch a large, possibly inductive load AC mains (up to 250Vac or 440Vac) using scrs. I could use a TRIAC but these present problems in switching off with inductive loads and require snubbers (except the snubberless TRIACs) but for the moment TRIACs are not an option. It is simpler to use an scr in this application. (...)
We are doing a project to soft start / soft stop a 3 phase motor. We would like someone to help us out in designing the circuit using scr for the application.
search regards, Sujith
Diode, ggMOS, scr, which is suitable for RF application?? Thanks ~~~
in ic chip, because the field oxide is so thin that it can be damaged by electrostatic destroy,so we add some electrostatic protection circuit in pads. scr is a good type electrostatic protection circuit, pros small area cons higher trigger voltage