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Dual scr Converter - Is this Circuit Correct ? Hi experts, I opened this new thread because this project is different from my earlier project which was scr Bridge control. This project is scr Dual Converter. I have attached the Proteus Simulation, Proteus Simulation Video and Schematic. Please check the Schematic and (...)
I am using PIC18F4520 to control a scr Bridge. I am getting firing pulses correctly but Proteus on my PC can't simulate 4 scrs at the same time. it gives GMIN Stepping error. I am attaching my circuit in PDF format. I am also attaching Proteus Simulation and a document which I referred to make the circuit. According to me the circuit in (...)
Hi, i have to design current control system for a seam welding plant. The available resources are two scrs ST330C12 (disk type), an arduino board for scr gate triggering pulses and a potentiometer for operator to input current set point. How do i design the code and what other accessories i required to acomplish this task.
The circuit is completely wrong, fortunately you are operating it only in a simulation, otherwise you'll see a lot of smoke. With transistor opto couplers, you need a separate trigger power supply for each scr cathode node, four in this case. Trigger transformers are a usual means, also opto triacs (e.g. MOC3020) can work, they need a series rec
Hello everyon my project is to control the firing angle of bridge recrifier using 4 scr using PIC Microcontroller .i am ising ZCD and ADC logic and am getting the varying pulse at the output of PIC but how to fire 4 scr using that plz help me.
The best lab supplies in the 70's came from Lambda and they used scr's with phase control to regulate the minimum dropout voltage required (aka pre-regulator) for the stage 2 Power Linear regulator. This way the tradeoff between peak/avg pulse currents and related ripple voltage could be optimized for least power loss and lowest ESR in the power s
hi! i am trying to make a 48V 600W power supply using scr here's the block diagram for the project 125257 my problem is there is a very large current between the mains and the scr bridge. it is more or less 100 amperes. any comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated the scr that i am using is 2N6404 and th
Simple way :- use a relay as washing machine manufacturers do, else use four triacs. The other devices only work on DC. Though scrs will work on unsmoothed DC, you still need four. The other will work but the circuits are more complex.. Frank
Dear all, I'm trying to use a scr for a phase control application. I have tried out the first circuit but I am not getting expected results. The second circuit is the one that I will be using later but due to lack of parts availability I have used the first setup. Best regards !!!
Dear Friends I need to control 30 or 40 Hp Motor through scr (Triac's) Is it Possible ? If possible wich type of Triac's I want to use I am getting till up 40 Amp supported Traic's only I need 100 Amp supported Triac Please suggest me
The project was taken from this website I'm trying to simulate the circuit. The only changes i made is that the i'm directly using 9v 50hz ac supply. I'm not sure why my rectified output is not reaching 0v. According to the description of the pro
SSR =Solid State Relay, which is what you asked for. However, as you have found, most SSR are used in AC applications where they inherently turn off when the control voltage is removed. In a DC application, an AC circuit using a triac or scr will not work unless you have a method of disrupting the current to turn them off. When turned on they wi
I have been searching for this everywhere including the books I have but I just can't find the design procedure for the circuit used to drive an scr using a Pulse transformer. It is a pair of antiparallel scrs being driven by a 1:1:1 Pulse transformer. The scr is TYN612 with - a) Igm(Peak gate current) = 4A b) Igt = 0.2mA to 15mA c) (...)
I think you will find that that "resonant inductor" is actually a saturable inductor. The problem is the difference with the peak and the mean of the rectified DC current. You should include an inductor in series with your new circuit to reduce the peak current and increase the mean. The standard way would be to have two of the diodes in the
Hello, I am using scr's to drive a red/green bi-color LED with a 24VAC signal. I am doing this so I can get four color states from one line (Red, Green, Yellow, Off). 109427 109426 Anyway, I am wondering if this is the proper way to trigger the gate of the scr with a microcontroller. The
Hello I have some question based on phase angle control for 3 phase controlled rectifier based on arduino . hance I need to detect 3 zero crossing and generate 6 pulses for six scr gate as I am making full wave rectifier for 3 phase.. So arduino is fast enough for this application? I am using arduino based on at mega 8 . (...)
I am no expert at all, but I understand there is a control circuit for the wire-feed motor - might be it in the last photo. You could try some of the welder BBS for more help. If you can find the control circuit, you can check the parts on it - I'd check to see if the scr is getting any voltage on the gate.
Hello, I am trying to build a full wave controlled rectifier for 1 HP 180V 5.5A DC motor. Please guide me about how to proceed with design and how to choose which power device to use and what its rating should be? Hi Charukeshi Joglekar Your question seems so general . By full wave you mean scr controlled velocity (...)
I am making a control circuit for driving back to back 2 is the attached pdf ..please have a look on the schematic..the operation i have understood by seeing the video is the use of resistor in it.??what if we dont put the resistor R
Hi, I have to develop a circuit for water heating using scrs. Since now, I haven't work with thyristors. Could you help me please with some pieces of advice how to proceed with this topic? Thank you.