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I am using PIC18F4520 to control a scr Bridge. I am getting firing pulses correctly but Proteus on my PC can't simulate 4 scrs at the same time. it gives GMIN Stepping error. I am attaching my circuit in PDF format. I am also attaching Proteus Simulation and a document which I referred to make the circuit. According to me the circuit in (...)
The second scr is failing to latch. Swap the position of both scrs to determine if the failure follows the scr or remains with the triggering circuit.
Hello guys i managed to make a firing circuit see the image attached. the result waveforms are also attached, color green is the trigerring pulse. My question is why i get the timestep too small when i insert the moc3041 which is the optocoupler used to propagate the signal to the gate of the scr. Any ideas about this one. ( circuit attach
Hi :) This is my scr firing circuit simulated through multisim. How do i connect this to an scr bridge to provide an output of 12 V from a 220V ac 125153
125147 Hello. I'm trying to resolve this circuit simulation by means of Multisim. Is there any problem with the connections? Somehow the fuse always breaks. I'm trying to get an output of 12V using scr + 4n25 optocoupler. Also, I'm trying to construct an actual circuit using this simulation. Any help would be much appreciat
I AM WORKING ON HARWARE DESIGN OF FULL WAVE FULL BRIDGE scr RECTIFIER.I AM USING THIS CODEOF ARDUINO TO GENERATE firing PULSES int inter=0; int inter1=1; double val; double time; double time1; int a=0,b=0,angle; void setup() { noInterrupts(); pinMode(9,OUTPUT); pinMode(10,OUTPUT); interrupts(); attachInterrupt(
Hey, I am making a scr project for controlling the AC power using different firing angles. I am using micro-controller to do the gate firing. for isolation I have used MOC-3020 but I am having some issues in the gate firing circuit. i am making single phase full wave controlled rectifier circuit using (...)
i want to make a scr triggering cirucut to control power from 0 to 180 angle, addtionly i want three control options,for example 3 button one for incresing firing angle 2nd for decresing firing angle and 3rd for to reset.and the triggering angle is to be show on lcd, i m using microcontroller for this purpose.i m facing with problem in (...)
There are 4 scr and 2 diode. After drawing the output voltage I would be grateful if someone could calculate the Mean voltage. Hi Sina In your case out put voltage ( average ) can be easily calculated by the formula : sqrt(1/T integral over Vm^2 sin wm^2 dt ) from zero up to the firing angel . But of course i hope you know
Hello, I have implemented the following circuit but the expected output waveform is not there.... 96818 I am triggering the scr at 1 degree and then gradually I increase the firing angle with increments of 15 degrees up till 150 degrees....I expected the average voltage to be maximum at 1 degree with an almost smooth w
i want to design a battery charger based on microcontroller (for e.g 12v 4A SLA battery).The technique i wanna use is full controlled battery charger based on scr. i wanna know that, how i can find the firing angle and what parameters should i measure in microcontroller to calculate the firing angle (like battery voltage,current). hope you (...)
Hello Guys, Can you help to me on how to determine the firing angle of the scr and how it is being controlled? Can please give a sample circuit to understand it thoroughly as well. Great Thanks,
Hello everyone Need help for a pratical circuit for firing of scr in Orcad Anybody know pls give provide me a full circuit view in orcad only..
Hello, I am working on the three phase full wave rectifier using scr in delta configuration . I controlling the firing of the scr using the micro controller and zero crossing detector. But the problem is that controlling angle is going up to 34 only and the output waveform up to 34 degree is O.K. But above 34 it get distorted and (...)
hey can anyone give guidance about how to go by with the designing of firing circuit to control the armature voltage of separately excited dc motor,using 89c52 microcontroller...... i wan t to design the firing circuit using scr...
i am doing project on controlling the speed of motor by changing firing angle of scr. For this i am using a wireless remote to control the speed of motor. i want to knw the programming of this i can read data from tsop1738 and use it to control firing angle of scr. pls help me out!
hi friends i want generate pwm using 89v51rd2bn. i want to controle firing angle of single scr in one cycle of 50hz ac signal(230v).i want generate pwm to control power in one cycle of ac frequency. i m using zero crossing detector in my project. can any one help me to generate source code for my project. thanks rajesh
please Iwant to know how to make 3phase 6 scr firing control circuit with TCA785? or another way to make this firing circuit thanks
Dear all, I have made a dimmer circuit using PIC16f877, traic and optocoupler to control the RPM of motor. The code is based on pwm output and doing as following 1. Synchronising network (For detection of Phase(+)) 2. Control Network (Usually Microcontroller) 3. scr firing Network (Optocoupler). 4. ADC Network Problem is that i am
Hi, I would like to know if someone knows about some optocouplers for firing the gate of scrs. I only had found optocouplers that drive TRIACs, like MOC3011, and MOC3031. Thank you for any help.