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Dear concern, I am Avradip from Bangladesh .I am working on sample motion detection circuit which senses motion and after several stage of amplification the output of sensor switches scr which switches triac used for general purpose ac switching .Here i have used motion detector IC BISS0001. But i didnt understand the role of some of my compo
Hello Everyone! I've a degree in Power Electronics and I'm trying to build a charger with variable output 0-80V and 0-50A aproximatelly. Now I'm stucked with high currents to charge up the large capacitor that I have on the output. I have made and I attach the simple schematics of what I'm having right now. I'm controlling the (...)
Hello guys. Can someone help me with this experiment? i am trying to use scr triggering in order to produce larger output power at the load with 24 volts output dc and 220vrms input AC THANKS!!
Hi :) This is my scr firing circuit simulated through multisim. How do i connect this to an scr bridge to provide an output of 12 V from a 220V ac 125153
125147 Hello. I'm trying to resolve this circuit simulation by means of Multisim. Is there any problem with the connections? Somehow the fuse always breaks. I'm trying to get an output of 12V using scr + 4n25 optocoupler. Also, I'm trying to construct an actual circuit using this simulation. Any help would be much appreciat
Hello, We need a discrete circuit which can detect whether or not an output is pulsing or not. (Pulse is 5V/0V) The ambient is 170degC so proprietory IC?s are not likely to be suitable. By ?detect?, I mean say give a 0V output when there is pulsing and say a 5V output when not pulsing. The application is a high duty (...)
ALVC family has the lowest output impedance of 25Ω suitable for driving 50 Ohms at low voltage. All CMOS has Schottkly diode protected inputs for 5mA or around 25 Ohms but if source impedance of over/undervoltage is low impedance from overshoot , impulse or ESD greater than 0.3V then scr latchup mode is possible resulting in a hot chip shor
Having a bit of a problem trying to switch on my scr, I have hooked it to a 380VAC source and used the following schematic It works fine on a lower votlage but when its going into a 380VAC it turns on by itself without me triggering the opto coupler.
The project was taken from this website I'm trying to simulate the circuit. The only changes i made is that the i'm directly using 9v 50hz ac supply. I'm not sure why my rectified output is not reaching 0v. According to the description of the pro
This is just simple circuit for a battery charger which uses scr. After I finished my circuit, it was working perfectly but then I noticed that I was receiving only 6v at the output instead of the required 12v. When I referred some places I was told that it was due to the scr effect. Could anyone explain to me the correct explanation why I (...)
Crowbars are used on current limited power supplies to drop the output voltage to that of the saturated scr. .i.e. if its a 5A PSU, a 5A scr will work well. If the PSU is not current limited, then a fast fuse is used in series with feed to the regulator.When the scr fires it puts a short circuit across the (...)
how by providing gate current,forward breakover voltage is reduced in scr...?
Instead two scrs, connected back to back is a remedy in these situations.
Hi I want to use scr as a latch. The triggering voltage is 5V and the supply voltage is 9V. But I am getting only 4.5V at the output which gets off when the trigger is off. How could I get constant 9V at the output?
There are 4 scr and 2 diode. After drawing the output voltage I would be grateful if someone could calculate the Mean voltage. 99100
Hello, I have implemented the following circuit but the expected output waveform is not there.... 96818 I am triggering the scr at 1 degree and then gradually I increase the firing angle with increments of 15 degrees up till 150 degrees....I expected the average voltage to be maximum at 1 degree with an almost smooth w
You probably need to start over with the 50V power supply (sorry!). The scr-fed front-end is totally incompatible with power factor correction because the scr duty cycle is so low. You basically need a conventional 240VAC input-50VDC output power supply: a PFC front end which will generate a 400V or so DC link, followed by a 1kW DC-DC (...)
Come to think of it, the output might not be strong enough to drive a relay. In any event, you can feed the output to one of the following switching devices: transistor mosfet scr triac solid-state relay Etc.
Yes, but the whole purpose of the scr would be to regulate the output voltage some how. Frank
Hello, I am working on the three phase full wave rectifier using scr in delta configuration . I controlling the firing of the scr using the micro controller and zero crossing detector. But the problem is that controlling angle is going up to 34 only and the output waveform up to 34 degree is O.K. But above 34 it get distorted and (...)