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Dear all, I'm doing research in scratchpad memory for embedded based processors, i have identified ARM11 has scratchpad memory option, but i couldn't find software tools to simulate (ARM RealView Simulators) and also hardware tools, pls let me know, if u worked those areas.
Given that you can read the ID, I assume that you can communicate with the device to correctly send and receive information with the 1-wire interface. What you have quoted appears to be the same as Page 22 of the data sheet ( is the one I looked at). Page 24 of that data sheet gives you a fl
Hi, What are the differences between a scratchpad memory and a cache? Thank you.
For such small board CRC is not necessary. Even reading and matching the serial number of the sensor is irrelevant because there is only one sensor. so the procedure for thermometer should be: 1. Skip ROM 2. Initiate temperature reading 3. Read scratchpad 4. Do some math, depending on resolution that you are using 5. Show the temperature on the LC
Transactions to the external memory are the largest contributors (Memory IO and internal bus dynamic power) to the system power consumption. Reducing external memory transactions – by improving cache size, scratchpad and on-chip SRAM. In embedded system design, the designer has to choose an on-chip memory size that is suitable for a specif
hi all, I am using MSC1214Y5 for my scratchpad RAM how to access a particular memory location to read and write values in that? Thanks and Regards, john
hi, i need to use a serial eeprom as gereral purpose scratchpad buffer as a solution for increase limited internal ram of the 8051 . i can't use external ram of the at89c52 because i need all the i/o of it. any body can give me a code for doing that thanks for every body want to help. Fire in the Wire :sm2:
Hallo fellow members... i have question on JTAG usage. i recall that JTAG used to add wait states in order to perform the scan. While one of their docs stated that this was inevitable, i remember running code on ARM from SSRAM (external static RAM). (this was done because we ought to disable the cache/scratchpad RAM to perform some current me
FlashLoadLite V4.2.0.0 from DILOGIC ( ) is now upgraded to full capabilities ( security bytes programming, scratchpad programming, command line batch mode... Soon coming is support for C2 devices (F3xx family) !!! regards Dejan