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Please visit the following this will be helpful.
i find link not the kind I was looking for, does anyone know of a more specialized Sony SS-GNV111RS
Service manual online. And Parts manual
Probably is bad designed or bad maked switching power supply which emitting rf interference. Read this articles:
Hi, the Sony remotes transmit data as 12bit number 7 bits command and 5 bits of device type. The logic 1 and 0 are encoded as about 1200us amd 600 us pulses. with a 2400us header. I have written a complete application in my free to download book in MikroBasic. you can download the book at
If MikroBasic will do read my book: - - - Updated - - - If MikroBasic will do read my book:
Hi all, I am an electronics hobbyist, and while starting micro-controllers found that there is lot to learn, but things are scattered. There is really no text for hobbyist, to show less theory and more practical. So I decided to write a book for beginners, with meager knowledge that I had. Its free to download from
Hi, Read the article provided in the below link,(design tech for DDR) - - - Updated - - - Hi, Read the article provided in the below link,(design tech for
Check this:
if you search internet you may find one. - - - Updated - - - You need to decide first what your arm will do. Start working on s
Check these links:
Dear friends Please send any body HEX file for this project:roll: Hi; The above project does not as complete, cannot compile to get the hex file. The author is "quardcosandeep", the project was published (uploaded) at 04/13/2010
Hello! I want to know how to debug source code/asm code in isis. I don't see the "PIC CPU Source Code option" in the Debug Menu as mentioned in section 7 here. I use Hi Tech C and mikroC. Should I select some options while generating the Hex file in Hi Tech C, so
Setup time is the minimum amount of time data must be stable before arriving active edge of clock. If skew is positive clock edge arrives late. So it is helps in meeting setup time requirement. Hold time is the minimum amount of time data must be stable after arriving active edge of clock. If skew is negative clock edge reaches early. So it helps
just take it as reference
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Zigzag Like a Bee Although ZigBee networks can be configured in star, peer-to-peer and mesh topologies, it is the mesh network from which ZigBee was named. A ZigBee mesh provides multiple pathways from device to device (like the Internet) and eliminates a single point of failure. If nodes go down or are removed, Z
By using a global clock mux? Check your favorite documentation on for example a BUFGMUX. lazy google hit:
Thanks again for all your suggestions. @enjunear I already have the "Last State After Power Loss" setting to ON. So its like I never have to press the Computer Power Button anymore. I have looked at the relay you have suggested, but it is not available in India. I have settled for an OMRON MY2N (DPDT) IEC255 relay. It has the following written on i
I need codings for BER...I have found out channel response and I/Q imbalance..I am a newbie and I really need a help... Pls have a look at my base paper if you have