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Check the following link: ofdm ---------- Post added at 16:56 ---------- Previous post was at 15:11 ---------- Check also: GaussianWaves: Introduction to OFDM - orthogonal Frequen
Feeders are monitored by protection relays which trip circuit breakers. This article might be of interest to
Hi guys thanx in advance. please suggest me some hot topics to implement on fpga's..... Dear Ms. Bhuvaneshni, Find enclosed herewith the IEEE Topics on FPGAs . For more details please mail us at or call us at
Ok check these LCD interfaced with 8051 8051 microcontroller hardware interfacing tutorials- basic circuit for 8051 Embedded C Tutorial - 8051
look at this Balanced Amplifier Layout
Some info here: DEcap Cells
Hi, check these links ptsi JCUI Marvell: si_xtalk_double_switching_mode
Hi, your question is not clear what it relates to , please elaborate your question? is it related to Prime time si from synopsis? if Yes then check below JCUI Marvell: si_xtalk_double_switching_mode ptsi
I found the following document: SAED90nm LowPower Library According to it nt/lt/ht is for nominal/low/high temperature and the last letter is for the power voltage (h=1.08/l=0.9). As lostinxlation said you should try to check the library document of the .lib header itself to make su
Monday, Take a look at equations close to Fig.10 on followiong page, witch covers the issue you´re asking for : Calculation of electrostatic forces in presence of dielectrics Here, at section 5.3.2 ( page 192/509 ), you can find a simplest aproach
Design Compiler Tutorial User Guide dcug
kezambo, I soppose that is performed by stripline, not core. See that : Transmission Line Transformers - Jerry Sevick +++
VANET Simulation see these
Here is some help.......................... google finds more........................ Measuring diode dynamic resistance Chapter1(Semiconductor Diodes) Revise
I feel this below link will helpful to u... NS-2 Environment
go threw this links & attachment... it may helpfull to you.... The 8051 Micro Controller and Embedded Systems Using Assembly and C-2nd-Ed
May be this could help.... but there is no micro controller used... Automatic Phase Changer
Hello, I am new MATLAB user, and now I want to show effect of group delay on QAM I found simple code for QAM now I want to add Group delay to this code? clc; clear all; M=32; x=RANDINT(100e3,1,M); y=modulate(modem.qammod(M),x); ynoisy=awgn(y,27,'measured'); %%I think here we should have group delay?? scatterplot(ynoisy),grid; z=de
i have already posted a lot of material .. could you do a search in the forum... if you dont get i would re-post it.... ---------- Post added at 16:49 ---------- Previous post was at 16:23 ---------- check these Ansoft Corporation - University Tra
Checkout scribd or, Docstoc