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In fact, both pmos and nmos include many aspects for characteristic, such as Vt, mobility, capacitances, on-resistance and so on. For different aspects, different methods are needed for monitoring. In most cases, foundries will have test keys in scribe line for process monitoring.
Please check your process design rule document. Between scribe line and internal circuit, you still need seal ring. Usually for seal ring to internal circuit, it needs 15um+ buffer region.
Sometimes, layout engineers try to save die size by putting trimming pad in scribe line . We paln to try this way in a new product. Anyone know which product using this technology, and any other suggestions about this. Thanks in advance!
Filler cells are used to keep the continuity of NWell, Vdd & Vss rail & as well as to avoid the DRC violations. What is meant by corner & scribe seal?. I never heard of those cells.
They tell you don't place it near the scribe line because stress at the edge of the chip is maximum. Since thermal expansion of the IC is different than the leadframe, you can consider the chip bending very slightly. The exact center does not bend at all because the forces on either side are equal. The four sides bend more. So it places une
Seal ring is to give strength to the die, and scribe line is margin for wafer cutting. Rough figures are abt 15u from pad, all sides (combining sealreing & scribline) Rahul
What is scribe for? A standard cell PAD I am using has a metal 1 scribe line. It is placed at the outer of a PAD. If I make a pad ring by placing a standard cell PAD right next to each other, this metal line also makes a ring. What is this scribe for? What does this do? If I don't place it, what will (...)
Hi 1.Define scribe-line? 2.Define WAND State in physical Design? 3.How does Min-inserion related to skew? 4.what is scan-recording? 5.what r the need for sparecells? 6.what is VCD file? 7.Difference between Spacing and Pitch? 8.Define the folloing a) RDL, b)ECR, c)LVS, d)Metal Density, e)slot, f)PVI 9.while calculating what r the ne
1. the max distance between PAD and scribe line ring is 200 u,why? 2. i want to add PAD in the middle of chip , Was it feasible? Than means PAD have to around the chip ?