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Hi, I have designed a 8 digit led scrolling matrix display (8x8 led matrix display). But my led glowing intensity is low. Suggest me some solutions for this.
Guys i m making a scrolling text using 5x7 display with 8051 but i m having a problem that i m unable to figure out that how to scroll a text i wrote this test code but it keeps displaying 'A' .. plz can sumbody tell me what is the prob with this code...... i ll very thankful..... #include int (...)
Very nice. PIC16F877A and any other are widely using these days. You can easily find for your project. You can try digital door lock with password, techometer, robotic hand, dotmatrix led scrolling display, anemometer reading, voice recognition, etc..
I am using HT1632C in one of my company project. I am using 8 holtek IC driven by its internal RC osc. Their is no problem in fixed display strings. But in case of scrolling display the characters are getting double width and uneven flickering is observed in the edges. Please give me the idea why it is so. (...)
Hi, It seems to be a cliche to ask code help for scrolling display. But, mostly the help is available for scrolling led display or Char LCD display. I am using 128x64 GLCD on which we write data using column scanning. So, scrolling of (...)
Hello!!! I have to display the scrolling message on to the led Matrix.. I have to connect 4-led Matrix. I am using 74HC595 Serial to Parallel Converter. Firstly i am checking only single matrix:- Here is my circuit diagram 81938 I display ARUN SHARMA in scrolling (...)
I once wrote a scrolling text code for 8 dot-matrix displays in assembler. It shouldn't be hard to implement it in C. You may start
I have led scrolling display project atmega8535 micro control with pc key board interface, but type the data is not stored. please i want save typed data. my email ID:,; please rectify this problem and send it. and how to change 16*10 Font size.
hi, I am working on moving message 8x8 dot matrix display of 9 characters. I am using shift resisters (74HC168) for scrolling message. so please help how to use shift register in my program.
hello friends... i'm doing project in running led display through serial port using 8051... i took this project from a site... i have done a hardware part fully but im not getting output.... im getting partial output.... the port 2 of controller is given to the row of the display.... but there is no changes in that port.. it (...)
actually i tried for scrolling display but it is working vertically so i need an help in it please tell wht and all changes has to be done and i tried by reversing the connections i guess there might be a prb in code it is 5X5 led display
scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 / 8051 Projects / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
im a newbie a student and need to have a sample program using zilog. Im using assembly language and ZDS II 3.68 software...i have my 5x8 led dot matrix and need to program a scrfollong letters...the problem is idont know how to program to display a scrolling is the sample program we are (...)
hy! I have to make an .asm or a .c code using 8051 microcontroller and 4 led matrix of 5x7 each, which display in a scheme designed in Proteus a scrolling text (,,TEST") from right to left: _ _ _ T _ _ T E _ T E S T E S T E S T _ S T _ _ T _ _ _ Pls, could you help me with tutorials about assembly or c that help (...)
Please use 'google' to search instead of posting it here : scrolling Text led display you want it for free? If so no one is going to give you as it is a fast moving product. I advise you to start doing it yourself. You will get help here when you face problems.
Hello, To make scrolling display, everywhere I see a technique of led matrix i.e. rows x columns. But, as the number of leds increases, the hardware becomes costly. I am in search of a solution which would be cheap in terms of hardware and flexible enough to add number of leds. I am ready to design (...)
Hi everybody Like to make a scrolling message (using led Matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
//PIC 8char dotmatrix, switchable to static-scrolling //prg lenght 1077 words, made by zuisti, 29.08.2007 //for a simple and fast PROTEUS simulation I am not using line drivers ! #define COMMON_CATHODE #define BUFFERSIZE 56 //max. 54 chars (and 2 gap space) for scrolling message char buffer; //display buffer: 8 chars +
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi, today only i av joined in as a new member. I want to display 5 characters in scrolling format. I have in mind to use 8051, 70LS138 decoder, M54525AGP(7 array transister). Now i av doubt whether for each character do i av to use seperate ucontroller,decoder &array transister:?: Hope of getting reply sooner.