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hi folks, I am working on the rtl compiler for 2 months but didt realise the actual difference between generate sdc file in rtl compiler and hand written sdc file which is used for the synthesis. please differenctiate. Thanks in advance dha_synth
hi every one why we should add clock uncertainty in sdc after pre cts. how we should consider that skews
EDI used the sdc file to know the clock source. EDI defined function of the technology node (setDesignNode), the MaxSkew, the Sink/MaxTran, the delay, the period and from the library the cell could be used. All of these parameters could be changed by this command: "specifyClockTree -update { AutoCTSRootPin * MaxSkew 400ps} (as example) [COLOR="s
Hi, I'm new to this forum and at first I want to say "Congratulations" to your work. Great community where I often found help in the past. But now, I've got a questions and so I hope you can help me. I'am doing my first chip and in approx. 1 week it is tape-out deadline and I'm nearly finished. But now I want to recheck my constraints while s
Why do we put some virtual clocks in sdc along with the actual clock. For example if I create a clock named system_clk with 400 MHZ fequency at a pin named sys_clk, we also create a virtual clock named virtual_system_clk and we do not create this virtual clock at any pin as we create the system_clk at sys_clk. What are the necessity of those virtu
you could define a sdc file for the scan mode for example with more hold time margin, or different max frequency, and another sdc for functional mode with a highest clock frequency, or with many clocks, instead one in scan mode(for example). In general, if I could, I prefer to have only sdc constraint with (...)
I prefer to separate the sdc file, to increase the readability. one more remark, if you force the design to reach the maximum frequency in functional mode, for example, in scan mode, if the design must be able to reach the same frequency ? the only difference could be between shift or capture, is it what you mean?
what's you mean by test clock? CTS used the sdc constrains (create_clock...) to generate the CTS constraints file and build the clock tree, so if you want to have a clock tree from a specific source, you need to declare this one in the sdc. For example, in functional mode, the clock source is an analog module and in test mode, the clock (...)
check this link SD Card current consumption and for some basics check these How to Use MMC/sdc GPS to SD-Card Data Logger
prime time is Synpsys software for the ASIC, and there is something what it call sdc format, now for example if you constrining ALtera FPGA you are using DSC format. Also sdc it is standard de fact format in most FPGA/ASIC developments
Dear all, Could any experts sharing some experience that how to qualify the input design datas for Astro APR.(e.g: Verilog Netlist file, sdc file and other...? ) For example, how can I estimate if all clocks is specified correctly, and timing constraint is defined accurately in sdc file? ? thanks
TCL script is what you used to run your tool, DC for example. sdc is "Synopsys Design Constraint" file, this is the constraints that applied to your design. sdc typically used by timing driven place & route tool.
>> ...insert buffer to fix timing. Just write a sdc file, such as set_dont_use_cells.sdc, then use "loadTimingCon"command to load the constraint. encounter> loadTimingCon -incr set_dont_use_cells.sdc example of "set_dont_use_cells.sdc" set_dont_use your_lib/buf16 set_dont_use (...)