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For a mega328 with 16MHz cpu clock the max spi clock is 4MHz or if you use the clock rate x2 option 8MHz For the mcu to sdcard direction you can use 74AHC125/743LVC125 with a power supply of 3.3v. The input can tolerate 5v with a power supply of 3.3 For the sdcard to mcu line use a 74HCT125 with 5v supply, it uses TTL level compatibility (...)
Refer to the sdcard physical layer specification. sdcards are always supporting both interfaces. SDIO will be faster by using 4 data lines on standard cards. Multibit card interfaces can be found with high performance controllers like ARM9 or AVR32.
Guys, Does anyone have experience on using STM32F10xUSBLib2.21 ? I couldn't find a port for sdcard spi on the code... I tried to find on hw_config.c, but couldn't find a configuration for sdcard connection... Any helps will be appreciated, Thanks
I guess you are confusing sdcard CD/DAT3 pin and card detection switch of card connectors. The latter has no connection to the card. CD/DAT3 is acting as chip select in spi mode and can't work for card detect purposes.
Guys, How can connect SS pin on sdcard ? directly connect to SS pin on ATMEGA128 and set ATMEGA128 as spi master ? any ideas ? thanks
Are you writing through a file system or logical sectors directly? Is the sdcard (mostly) erased before writing data? Generally, the delay is most likely caused by internal housekeeping actions of the flash translation layer. It requires that from time to time physical blocks have to be erased and copied. Consider that the smallest write entity
Hi all, Does anybody done SD card block write through spi port. I want to know time required to write block of 512 bytes to SD Card? Kindly Help, Amit
Anyone has an schematic for interface a sdcard to a 3V3 microcontroller. I found some, and some people use pullup resistors, others not. Is it necessary? If is true, in what pin? thk, leomecma
Hi all! I need help about SD Card interfacing with spi mode using Motorola HC12X controller. I could not find the complete SD card specification and also I need details about the SD Card internal file structure.... Kindly help me! Varun
I also want to do this but it seems nobody can help me out... I think we can have a try interfacing Wifi connector (sdcard) by spi interface of microcontroller.