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hello I am designing a Microcontroller base device for commercial purposes, now I want to lock my code with avr lock bits. is it reliable ? I am scared for broken lock bits. if it is true, please help me about security of my code , maybe with boot loader. thank you for your time.
Hello, I'm a newbie here... I'm doing a project, "password door security". I need to program my pic to be able to change the password. I don't know how to continue... What's programmed on the password section seems to be wrong. I've programmed till here... Some1 please help me..\ How to disable the "*" button.. I only w
Hi,i just found this forum and i know ill find it working on a project on microcontroller-based hexadecimal keypad lock for security doors.need to add something new since its already in existence...i mean like an upgrade...need some fresh ideas please.
Can anyone give me the idea or circuit drawing or source code? Please... I want to use keyboard as an input device of the PIC.. Actually I want to do the project.... such as security code lock..... If the codes entered are corrected, he can dirve the motors.... Thanks a lot....
ok, the project is "wireless security door lock"-----> it means that: 1) i have a door like one of my home this door will not open unless i enter thecorrect password saved on the EEPROM of the ?controller. 2) i am aiming to enter this password from the keypad of my mobile(GSM) ,so there is two solutions: 1st >> (...)
Hi Everybody i intend to make a project on a security door lock which operates by verifieing the voice print, this project should be done using a Microcontroller (PIC or AVR there are no difference) so pleas if anyone could help me by any means i would be grateful thank you all TheSniper (+)