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1. When using solve inside, I would recommend adding a mesh seeding operation to "kick-start" the mesh in the conductor. Select the trace object, HFSS > mesh Operations > Assign > Inside Selection > Length Based. 2. Uncheck "Restrict length of elements" and Check "Restrict Number of elements," and enter something like 5000 (...)
Hi, I want to define a virtual object around the antenna and do a manual mesh on the virtual object in order to get more accurate results (in hfss). Can someone tell me how to create a virtual object, what boundary conditions I should use on the virtual object, and what kind of manual seeding should be done on the virtual object ? Thanks i
HFSS is better for high Q filter, but mesh seeding may be used, especially for the coupling section with evanscent waveguide.
I'm trying to simulate an antenna in HFSS. I have a question about setting up a sweep solution. HFSS recommends using a distance of at least λ/4 between the radiating structure and the airbox and λ/6 for mesh seeding. If I'm including a sweep solution, which λ should I use? Should I use the smallest λ (corresponding to the h
Hi all, What is exatly "seeding the radaition boundary to at least lambda/10" ? If I lick on the rad-boundary / right click/ Assign mesh Operation / On Selection. Then: Length Based or Skin-Depth Based ? If Length Based, then: Maximum Length of Element: 600 mm ? (or something = lambda/10) ? Thank you for your help?
HFSs sometimes needs lots of mesh for planar structures with a highe aspect ratio... start with some heavy duty seeding then a few adaptive passes... This should improve.
This is a common problem in HFSS. As the first post said, seeding the mesh down to 1/10*lambda will make sure the boundary is sufficient. Make sure the conductor has the finite conductivity (no PECs) and include the loss tangents of any substrates. Also, the radiation boundary doesn't need to be spherical. A box is just as good. The mesh (...)
Dear all, While simulating an antenna with HFSS, i get this error message and the simulation stops: seeding mesh, process mesh3d: subprocess "%3" died unexpectedly does anybody knows what causes this problem and how it must be solved? thanks in advance sara Maybe you have a very small object in your structure.
Dear Sir: Thanks for your kind help! As you said -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HFSS people say to choose boundary at minimum dustance of lambda by 4 ...the mesh length can be done using lambda by 6.....the more smaller u go...more accurate the result but more is computation time... so
Dear Sir: I am doing a simulation on antennna by HFSS9.2. I found if I change the max length of mesh on the boundary, the radiation pattern will change and it will bring little change to S11. So how long should we define the mesh on the radiation boundary? Thank you!!! Regards,