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Hello Nikita_P segmentation errors are kind of common at few circumstances. The first thing you have to check about segmentation error is your mesh size. Ensure that you have given a proper mesh size that corresponds to your wavelength. I couldn't download your model file, so once its done i think i can help you more (...)
Hi i am running an application (simple_pjsua) on uclinux where uclinux is installed on cortex m3 i get an error simple_pjsua: fault at 0xa3a00044 Invalid ISA state segv i researched on internet ,so i found segv is segmentation fault so how to remove this or what should be app
Hello, Does anyone know about this error that always appears in Precision while doing synthesis: error: segmentation violation to overcome this error, I do nothing. I just rerun again and it sometimes compiles. but it is annoying to have this error many times when running synthesis. I hope someone (...)
SIGSEGV means your program caused a segmentation fault. I don't know anything about an MSM, but you should double check your code.
Hi all, I used synopsys nanosim to simulate verilog netlist. The verilog netlist is generated from DC. But when I run the nanosim, the segmentation faults came out. What are these faults mean? How can I solve these?? Thanks for any help!!!
Hi All, I am new to electromagnetics and trying to simualte the RCS of an aircraft. I am using feko for my simlation.The issue is that I am getting a segmentation error of triangle which touch but have no common edge error 832. I am trying to mesh an IGES file which has a lot of errors so instead of using union I have (...)
That's a segmentation fault, I believe, implicating the code, or more likely the memory management scheme invoked by the compiler. You may have options there that you can call out, to do better. But look, too, at things like how the model behaves at "out of bounds" terminal I, V - blowup or even simply non-convergent numerical behavior can cause
Hi, I am trying to run my TCL script which has "exec" command calling another shell script in Debian 6. But the SoC Encounter 10.1 terminal gives an error (child killed: segmentation fault) whenever it reach the "exec" command in the TCL script. I have run the same TCL script in same version of SoC Encounter (10.1) in the Debian 5 without any p
Hi, I am trying to do LVS, but this error message was appeared: *** Calibre finished with error: segmentation violation *** can anybody help me?
The following C program is to implement the pair of lowpass and highpass filters. any body pls rectifies the shows the error is segmentation fault... i want to print the value of High and low it show in the program...pls any body tell me... #include #define N 16 #define N1 15 void main() { int n; double buf[
Hello, I am trying to use Synopsys vcs to compile and simulate a simple vhdl design. vhdlan and vcs worked fine but I am now getting a "segmentation fault" error message when I run %./simv to simulate my design I noticed that the tool gives me the following warning at the beginning Warning- Unsupported Linux version Linux
Halo, I'm having a problem with characterizing only one cell in a digital library. The simulation of the cell completes with no errors along with all of the other cells, but as soon as ELC tries to write the cell to ALF, it receives a segmentation error, or says that the cell is locked. I have no idea how to fix this, I have tried (...)
segmentation violation usually also means "short of memory" (data segment runs into code segment). Try to spend more memory -- if only virtual memory -- for your sim. process!
Hi, all, The following error appeared when I was trying to "precompute mesh" error: Mom3Dsolver: internal error11 -- segmentation violation. Basically I have two antenna with freespace in between. I had differential ports for both of them. Then I clicked: momentum--mesh--preview; then I entered 1 GHz and clicked (...)
you cannot simulate feko demo version if segmentation number over 300 you should use licensed version of feko
segmentation violation may occur due to a number of reasons. See if there is a more specific error in the log. The reason might be as simple as you not having enough memory. Try running on a machine with more memory (RAM).
i am using gnu c compiler to write a network program. I have internet connection through a proxy(http/https). whenever I try to use socket functions such as gethostbyname() or gethostbyaddr() i get error "segmentation FAULT" .Please help me out with this
I'm trying to run Synopsys VCS (Y-2006.06) on RHEL v4 or Cent OS 4.6. I always get "segmentation fault" error. hugemem rpm for Cent OS 4.6 is installed. Could somebody please help me?
Does Anybody knows what exactly is 'segmentation Violation error' in Simulink. How to remove it? Urgent...
Hello! When using Cadence layout, I choosed to input the NMOS in the PDK, Cadence closed suddenly. I did not know why. I repeated it, the same thing happened. Thank you for your reply! Added after 2 hours 26 minutes: It says " + segmentation fault icfb".