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Hi, How about the geDeleteAllHilightSet command? I can only guess that your set of selected nets was overwritten & the new set is only represented by the selection of the last shape. I-FAB
All operations up to the last save can be undone using "Undo" or Ctrl-Z To "reverse" operations done in a design, select the model with the subtracted bit (O mode) so it all highlights. OR Do the selection in the tree panel just to the left of the drawing area, either way is OK Then Right-Click on the selected object, and follow the pop-up "Edi
Dear All, We are using ATMEGA128-16AU from last 1 year. We were using ATMEGA128-16AU 0902 . 0902 is data code or batch number. ICs with data code 0902 works well in our board. Operating conditions are: 1.Freq-11.0592MHz, Cap 22pF 2. Supply Voltage:5V +/-0.05V Functions being carried out are serial communication, digital inputs and some di
I turned on my scope last night, and the display did not show the typical dark blue screen with language selection that comes up on powerup. This scope has a colour LCD screen, not a CRT. The screen colour is now a grayish/light blue, and stays that way for hours after I turn it on. The scope appears to be working though. I can push the help b