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Yes, you can extract all of RLCK of all interconnect wires, or selective nets, by using Cadence QRC extraction tool. Inductance extraction is usually required for for higher frequencies - I am aware of Analog Designers doing so from 2GHz - to -
Hi to all; My Question is what are the parameters that are enough for analyzing a Frequency selective surface using HFSS? Means i am designing an FSS for band-stop applications so what parameters should be helpful to me for analysis for the structure? Like Scattering parameters S11 and S21. What would be the other parameters other than Tr
For a given dimension of element (patch or aperture type) in Frequency of Frequency selective (FSS), the resonance frequency (Fr) change with Incidence Angle and polarization. (Example: Let us take a dipole cross type aperture array. The length of dipole is 1 centimeter. Fr is 15 GHz for incidence angle 0 Degree. But it shifts down to 13 GHz whe
I am using CST Microwave Studio for Frequency selective Surface (FSS) design. In the unit cell simulation setup i can change only the incidence angle. The solver generates output only for TE and TM polarization. But how could i simulate for polarization angles other than 0 or 90 Degree. (Ex: I want the Tx,Rx response for polarization angle of
Hello Can anybody tell me that how to check angle variations in HFSS of Frequency selective Surface. For the parameters like S12 and S21.:idea:
hello am working on a project using frequency selective fading channel with 3-taps lets assume that the channel is like that H = there is this equation where i need to calculate |H|^2 so what does |H| represent ?? is it the normal of the H vector .. or is it the average ?? .. also the variance is a choice but i do
Yes, LC is the only part that select which station that is received. It would not be stable or selective if antenna, with frequency depending undefined and unstable impedance load would be a dominant part of the tuning circuit. Triode load is low and almost constant. It is possible that antenna is better matched but it depends on how antenna is des
Hello all Am simulating a circularly polarized frequency selective surface using HFSS Floquet port model In a unit cell configuration. In order to achieve circular polarization, i have defined port one wave one to 1W, 0 deg Phase, and port one wave two to 1W,90 deg phase. After running the model, how can i combine the scattering parameters S11
Hi All, I performed a BER analysis for a frequency selective fading using MATLAB inbuilt function rayleighchan. But I am not sure , whether my result is correct. Please reply. I am attaching the output plot here. Legends: x-axis : SNR in db y-axis: Probability of error.
Hello everyone, What are your thoughts about the impact of a CP antenna when having it illuminating on to a symmetric frequency selective surface? Will the antenna's CP quality be degraded by the FSS or not? Thanks very much. Posted via Topify using iPhone/iPad
Dear all, Does anybody have the soft copy or link for the complete book "Frequency selective Surfaces, Theory and Design" written by Ben A. Munk? Please share if you have any way to access the complete book.
hi, what kind of resistance i have to use if i want to put a resistance in series with the load in ac circuit? can resistances upto 2w be used ,can they sustain??
there are a number of ways of doing it. 1) use a sweeping heterodyne receiver with a narrow IF band to measure power 2) use switched banpass filters to record power in a narrow band 3) use varactor tunable filter (either banpass or bandstop) 4) measure broadband power in a dsp, and digitally filter 5) use frequency selective ferrite limiter there a
Hello, I have an OFDM system over a time varying frequency selective channel, which means I have ICI at the receiver side. I am dealing with the ICI using linear frequency equalizer like MMSE. Without ICI equalization, there is an error floor in the ABER vs. SNR. With ICI equalization, the curve decays well until a certain SNR point, and then it
Hallo, have a selective W&G SPM-6 without the tree xtals Q1301-Q1302-Q1303 , board Pilotfrequenzeoscillator (13). Need the frequency value. Thanks , joe
The assembly house is correct. These days, through-plated components on a mixed assembly SMD boards are soldered with selective wave technique. A solder nozzle is moved below the board to the respective pin positions. Depending on the applied nozzle size, a certain distance of bottom side SMD components to through holes is required. There might
Hello all, I have the following frequency selective channel: h(\tau;t)=\sum_{p=0}^{N_p}h_p\delta(t-\tau_p) and the transmitted signal in the passband is given by: s(t)=\Re\left\{\sum_{k=-L}^{N-1}d_kg(t-kT_s)e^{j2 pi f_ct}\right\},\,\,\,t\in I want to derive the discrete time model from these equation
Hello, I don't have any experience in RF amplifiers and I need to design a 20MHz selective RF amplifier. After reading some information on the internet I designed it as following: 91522 and the simulation results are as follows: 91523 I would like to ask you for commenting this circuit.
i am doing project in feko software for constructing frequency selective surface. ERROR 3849: Wrong specification of the medium for a metallic triangle if any one suggest me solution for it. Hmm, weird error. Sounds like one of those you should rather send to support.
Hello .. Right now I have a very important project on OFDM Channel Estimation .. I already did the OFDM passing through an AWGN channel .. So the next step is to implement frequency selective fading and then have an equalizer at the receiver to restore the signal .. and the final step is to do the channel estimation using two ways .. I was think