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Hi everyone, I am trying to do two-band antenna and use inductor as selective network for frequency separation. And how to specify the natural resonance of the inductor with interturn capacitance, when it similar to parallel oscillating loop? 137457 137458 Thanks in advance.
In frequency flat channel, the effect of the channel is multiplicative. In frequency selective channels, the output of the channel will be the convolution of the input and the channel. If you assume block fading, then for each block of N data symbols, the channel taps will be constant. Usually, a cyclic prefix is used at the end of each block to pr
In frequency selective channels, there is intersymbol interference, and the received signal is written as y_k=\sum_{m=0}^{K-1}h_mx_{k-m}+w_k Channel taps are the number of resolvable paths (Search for resolvable paths).
Can you help me to design a Reconfigurable Frequency selective Reflector in is fed by the monopole antenna and the FSR plates are made up of copper.FSR acts as a reflector when the switch is ON and it acts as a transparent when the switch is OFF.For this i want some formulas like how to calculate impedence for the FSR and what should be the
Could you please let us know more about the Frequency selective Reflector? Is it FSS layers beneath a planar monopole antenna?
131634 please someone help me to design this images in HFSS
Hi all i desire to design frequency selective surfaces in CST, but i use the unit cell boundary conditions and frequency domain solver. The S parameter results are Szmin and Szmax, but really i cant know which are the RL. and which are TL. Can any one help me or explain Szmin, Szmax? Also can i simulate the FSS using time domain solver?
Since P types have higher RdsOn than N types for the same size, selective matching of turn on and off using a diode shunted gate resistors helps in tuning the symmetry. Show your requirements by values and results with required load impedance and voltage range. There is a wide range of applications for this and your question is vague.
Hello, I have found this little powermeter and I like it because it is passive and it has a logarithmic scale. I want to alter it to a "selective voltmeter" or "wave analyzer", for the HF radio amateur bands, so that I can monitor the different harmonics levels. I believe this can be done with
explain in c syntax I believe, betwixt did. Port B IOC feature doesn't distinguish between 0->1 and 1->0 change. If you want direction selective action, make respective logic combination of "old" and "new" port value. I have a problem with the method suggested in AN566. As far as I understand, the bit test operations performe
You may want to start by studying frequency selective surfaces. This will give you the basics on periodic structures and some of what can be done with flat structures. The most popular book is by Ben Munk. Here is a link to that book: I think after this, you will be a much be
Hi, How to make matlab program for doubly selective channel? I know by using Jake's model or Clrack's model but in this case the resulting channel in time domain represents as a matrix where its columns represent the length of transmitted signal and its rows represent the number of path. Is there any method to generate the channel impulse respon
can any one help me on ccprl and optimal selective huffmann coding?
120304 Please I need help from the programmers in the house. I am not a programmer myself but if a code is generated, I can dump it into PIC or AVR and place the device into my circuit. This is all I can do in this MCU of a thing. The diagram above is only pictorial representation of the Project. It does not necessarily
sir please send me the matlab code for selective tap used in echo cancellor
Instead of IC MAX7400 , maybe use RC active filter , or several RC active filter in various combinations . I am thinking about RC filter low-pass , high-pass filter , or other . If we use low-noise op-amp , they will be really selective I am learning English . If I am writing bad ,please correct me .. Man is learni
hi, i had designed three modules(using verilog) and make it together using a wraper. example module top() :::::::::::: ::::::::::: A uut(); B uut(); c uut(); endmodule after this, when i synthesis the top module , i need only MODULE A to get synthesized and not B and C. then next time only B not A and C is there any way
Full RC extraction using calibre making the netlist too large to run simulation. Is there any way to extract all C but selectively extract R for only a few critical nodes?
Hello, I am looking for a module that selects automatically between the main power supply (DC supplier), and the backup supply (battery) when my main source is off. I tried searching for mini power converters or BMS but didn't find what i needed. If i had more time I would design one myself, but I'm affraid i don't have the time needed (maybe
GSM repeaters based on diplexers and selective amplifiers can be made and are commercially available. But you need considerably deeper knowledge of RF engineering than applying an amplifier IC to make it.