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Hello I have found this power pierce oscillator in an old magazine and I have tried it with sucess, using the 2n2166 which gave max output at 3.5W. I have also seen this circuit which is another type of oscillator that is used as a self oscillating mixer in receive mode. I was wondering is I c
Try CMOS with 1M feedback. TTL won't work because the input and output levels are asymmetric and it won't self bias. Vin =1.3 while Vout averages around 2.5 or less for TTL.
The bias topology of the last source follower FET is a "Combo, Constant-Current / self-Biasing" technique, which was implemented to establish a flat load line without sacrificing the dynamic range. Perhaps can add a different current source than the one is working now, but would be a challenge to tune the bias point to maintain a good sinusoidal s
The first circuit is a RF amplifier, its output is tuned to a frequency set by C' and L. The second circuit is a self oscillating mixer as found in the front end of a AM radio. L' and C4,C5,C6 tune the oscillator. C and L tune the IF transformer. Third circuit, T2 seems to be an (...)
"Costly" ICs or not, they at least need to implement a boost converter, using an inductor/transformer and an oscillator, possibly a self-oscillating switching stage. Achieving low quiescent current and high efficiency is kind of a challenge for a simple low part count boost converter.
I have a question about self-oscillation schmitt trigger frequency? Can I get 10 MHz square wave from self-oscillation schmitt trigger. I build up schematic that is given below. Also, I must use LM158. Anyone can give me an idea if it is possible to
If you think of shrinking to lower effective width: ohmic resistance is the least problem. The self-inductance of such a metal connection on chip is in the order of about 0.2 pH/?m , i.e. its impedance is ≈1kΩ/?m at your frequency. Skin effect doesn't matter: skin depth is > 1?m. Depending on resistive matchin
Below pls. find a paper on self-biased amplifiers!
In many textbooks the double integrator oscillator DIO (quadrature oscillator) is mentioned as a circuit which is able to perform self sustained oscillations at a frequency Fo=1/2*Pi*T (T1=T2=T=RC=Time constants of both stages). But this circuit has some mystic properties and I ask myself: (...)
I'm designing a 2 legged robot, which will be able to move backward when bumping into an object. But now i only concern how to change from moving forward to backward, by triggering the changes my self, no need bumping into an object. Still testing. Can anyone give me some ideas? I'm really stuck here.
Assalamo Alaykom I want if anyone help me to design a selfexcited mixer ( BJT Mixer ) in general circuit and using ADS tool .. I just want this as a training to the ADS software .. Thank you very much ..
I design a Colpitts oscillator f=2GHz.But the output is 500MHz and its this self oscillating?how to eliminate it?