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Hi all and good day! I have question regarding correct biasing of opamp input pins. I am studying desing of fully differential opamp and have misunderstanding of correct biasing procedure. As I understand from books opamp is self powered and biased element so it not need biasing at normal conditions. How can biasing is applied at the opamp inp
Hi, please check these links, gate drive circuit for a silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) self-powered SCR gate drive circuit for access you may need to creat and account
Is there a bi-state two-terminal impedance circuit that has following characteristics? 1. Current < 10nA if V < Vx 2. Impedance < 1Mohm if V>Vx Vx is in the range of 1.8~5V. The circuit shall be self-powered and does not need power supply pins. Thanks, ---Ryan
Hello. I find it very hard to determine from the datasheet what is the current that the USB's VBUS pin sources, in order to activate the whole CP2102, in a self-powered mode (meaning CP2102 operates its on 3.3V regulator), assuming that the regulator doesnt operate external circuits.
I need a self powered full duplex RS232C to RS422 converter to transfer program to and from a Brazilian brand WEG PLC. To do so the mentioned interface is necessary. The only pins on RS232C side will use are DB9 connector 2, 3 and 5. Regards, Fernando - Call sign PU2PLL - Brazil
Need a self powered circuit to determine phase sequencer in a 220Vac up tp 440Vac three phase line. Regards, Fernando
Hi According to the specs a USB device can't sink more than 500mA @5V if it's connected on the main hub or self powered hub. and if the device is connected to a buspowred hub it can sink up to 100mA@5V. If you neeed more power you must make your USB Device self powred and not Bus powred you can check the usb specs @ o
Hi all, I am trying to implement USB to RS232 converter using DLP2232M module which uses FT2232C(FTDI chip). My connections are for USB self-powered configuration ( pins 17,18,19 connected to external +5V, while pins 22,23,24,25 are grounded). I have downloaded Combined Driver Model CDM 2.00 from FTDI website, unzipped and installed.
What precautions has to be taken while designing USB hardware 1.When Bus powered and 2. When self powered to meet USB compliance design specifications thanks in advance Girish
I m working on mass storage device enumeration process.I have configuerd the device in self powered. i m using AT89C5132 microcontroller. enumeration process completed successfully and device is detected by the system. For usb mass storage i m using Bulk Only Transfer(BOT) protocol. my device supports 2 end point of 64 max length. EP Bulk IN
I am working on atmel at89c5132 device . It is 3.3v operable. I am configured my device in self powered mode. Configured the device in bulk only transport class. The descriptor are /* DEVICE DESCRIPTOR */ #define USB_SPECIFICATION 0x0110 #define DEVICE_CLASS 0 #define DEVICE_SUB_CLASS 0 #define DEVICE_PROTOCOL 0 #define EP_CONTROL_LENG
Hi check this link herea a schematic. It don't include the VCC and GND. Note the connection changes according to your application speed and if it's self powered or not. Salam Hossam Alzomor
I am running Windows XP. I can attach my USB device (configured in the USB mass storage class), everything works fine, now device manager i get "USB Mass Storage device" with a yellow exclamation mark. If I double click it, i get in the device status, "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I have configuerd the device in self powered. When I ha
After the completion of enumeration I recived this message. I am configuring the device in mass storage class. (self powered) "This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device." What may be the problem. Regards Deepak.
Hi all! I'm using a self-made board that uses a DS80C400 to communicate to and from a GPRS module. Once the module and DS80C400 are powered on, I'm able to load into DS80C400 memory my communication programm. The problem comes now: when I make a telephonic call from my cell phone to the GPRS module, the DS80C400 asserts a reset state. I've check
Is it possible to design a watchdog program for a BS2pe stamp? The problem is when it is powered up for a long period of time it tends to hang like any microprocessor. Should i add a timer of some sort to help this so it will reset it self from time to time and wake on a certian pulse?
camera uses battery power for the it self. just remove the batt pack and try connecting it to usb it will not get detected. i have tested it on a sony. hock
how about infrared? isolation, high speed for future and self-powered for PC side transceiver.
I need to build an RS485 tx/rx including 1 transimater and 1 receiver the transimitter have its own power supply and the receiver is at 100 meter from the Tx the Questions are: 1--how to use data line between the Tx and Rx to carry both data and power? 2-- is it possible to use data line as power source for thr Rx i.e by using a bri
Hi All, does anyone knows the limit of 500 mA that a function can draw from a self powered hub is a peak or average vaule ? Thanks