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Very unclear what the actual application problem is. I also wonder how a waveform can "shift in frequency" although the frequency is set by a generator? If the question applies somehow to ultrasonic power transducer operation, it's quite common to perform a load tuning. Simple generators (e.g. ultrasonic cleaners) achieve it by a self oscillatin
There's no chance to use electronic components in the high kV range, except for vacuum tubes. Most likely you'll end up with mechanical or electro-mechanical tuning means. To make your better understandable, you should describe the transformer parameters in terms of self and mutual inductance, respectively winding ratio and coupling factor.
Hello! Usually DR oscillators are put in enclosures. Can we guarantee frequency operation stay in range of about 100 MHz if we do not use enclosure? For example, in active integrated antenna (AIA), where oscillator itself is an radiating antenna without enclosure. In many AIA antenna used as resonator, so there is no any enclosure. What if we add D
Hi, I want to implement self tuning of PI. I had try Fuzzy self tuning PI but it had covered to much bandwidth(40us, 25 fuzzy rules). In my programme, I'm using with 8 PI, so fuzzy implementation for self tuning of PI is not possible. anyone has C code for self (...)
Hello! I'm not sure about what you mean by "heart rate count is varying". Usually heart beat is meant to vary and that's why it is monitored... I made a heart beat sensor. Analog and self tuning system, but it releases a square pulse everytime it's detected. Then I use a plain timer to detect time between 2 beats. Dora.
Dear Sir/Madam I looking for help from anyone, I using PID controller offline on MIMO system, the system has two input and two output and the parameters of that system changes from case to case, because of that, I want to make the PID controller self-tuning related to any change. Thanks Saleh
Hi......everyone I'm doing a project based on writing some Matlab programs " M.files " to use it for the implementation of the Astrom relay method in PI self tuning.. is there any one have any idea about this subject???? Help me..... plz..
Hello I am struggling to get hold of good information about self-tuning PID with C codes and maybe plenty of good examples. Any suggestion? Regards MM
hi every one really i get a good information from this site so thanks in advance for every one i'm doing a research in using self tuning PID i need to know how to get equations for self tuing..for example i use a grey predictor which can predict the next error but i do not know how to use the next predicted error to self (...)
I'm doing a project on self-tuning PID controllers I need some info on methods of autotuning pid controllers and the types of self-tuning controllers e.g FOXBORO EXACT.
Can anyone help me get these papers? 1.) A systematic comparison of identification techniques used in industrial systems of autotuning - Scali, C. Curini (Department of Chemical Engineering, CPCLab, University of Pisa) 2.) Developments in industrial applications of self-tuning control - Burnham, K.J. (Coventry University); Disdell (...)
Generally VCO can be constructed with two mechanisms: 1. Using oscillation swing to change frequency, such as Maneatis's self-bais structure. In this case if you use 3.3v power supply, you will have approximate 2.2v (70%) voltage headroom in control voltage for linear VCO gain. Then 1.8GHz/2.2v=818MHz/V. It is realizable in 0.18um process. If y
Liberal, When you design VCO with CAD or practicaly built it you can find that it can oscillate on the different frequencies with little change. You have component in VCO that even without rezonator can oscillate on self resonance some componenets typicaly chokes.When you like to measure resonator it is necessary to turn off power supply for r
I need to implement a self tuning PID Temperature control into a microcontroller (using C compiler). Which is the best algorithm to do that? And please post any relevant info, paper and/or c code. Thanks in advance Try to search the forum on w* The maker of a ccs-picc compiler for pic. Check out the f
Hello experts, In a control system, what is a self-tuning controller? And if a non-self-tuning controller definitely results in an unstable control system? Thanks in advance!
hello does anybody have source code in 8051 that can be used for tuning TEA5757 self tuned radio from philips thanks