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Hi there, I am working on a project. Its a tracker device. I have used a gps and gsm module sim900. And now I Got the location and I can send location to another mobile. But I want to know, how can I send and store the location data to a server? I don't know what to do. Someone please explain me the block diagram. I am a (...)
helo, i have a GSM shield, i want to send the data to php, but it not work.. i use library and using POST example from this but it not work, here the serial output from UNO GSM Shield testing
I don't know which code you are referring in the link.But if you are using the nex-robokits sample code then you need to call the UART send function in main routine for sending data on gps.
I am trying to connect my SIM908 modules to arduino mega 2560 for gps tracking purposes. The gps data works fine but when I send the gps coordinates to my server via httppost (using the library of SIM908 example), it only works once time and then display DB not connected....... My server can read one (...)
Hello, You can do this using a computer with a USB RS232 converter, you can send ASCII data via any serial port terminal software. :-D Hope this helps
You can send values from microcontroller through Sim900 to a server. Main tasks of the microcontroller are as follows: 1) Configuration of the SIM900 module for TCP/IP Client mode, 2) SIM900 control via AT commands for data transfer, 3) Updating the Microcontroller display if any, when the corresponding command is received from the Server.
Hello Friends, I am going to buy a SIM 928A module/chip. So i want the reviews for this module. Anybody who have it please share some tips for me. Expecting to know - 1) What type of gps data it send through gps_UART 2) Type of antenna that requires.. etc. Thanks in Advance...!!
Hi, I wants to configure Holux M-8929 gps for higher Baud rate i.e 9600 or higher and GPRMC String only.. I have tried to send the MTK NMEA Packet to it but it is not responding but instead it starts sending some erroneous data when i send the packet but when i reset it it behaves the same as before (...)
hello My graduation project is a GSM/gps Car Tracker. I am using pic18f452, Mikroc and sim900 i almost finish the project but i have a problem. i store the coordinates that come from the sim900 to the pic via uart in an array and then i need to convert the coordinates from ddmm.mmmmmm format to decimal format but i cant. the problem in ddmm.
Ignoring the power supply issue, you need to be aware that gps in the context of your question is a receiver only device. It can't transmit anything over RF. Satellites in space send out RF signals which gps 'module' receives and then works out your location on the planet. In order to transmit data from your unit to a PC, (...)
hello everyone, I need your help for sending gps data by GSM module using microcontroller 8051... I can not send data by gsm module which is SIM900.. Need C code or assembly code for both of them. Thank You.:-(
hi i have a project to track objects and send their position data through. I also read this topic : there were a useful module there SIM548 GSM/GPRS+gps Module that have both GSM and gps integrated, but i wanted to ask again that is there any Microcontroller with integrated GSM or gps modul
I need to send data when a condition is met from a gps module to mobile using gsm module. I have used ports 3,4 for gps and pots 7,8 for gsm. I have used softwareserial. I also tried 0,1 for gps and 7,8 for gsm; and vice versa. The problem is that as soon as the condition is satisfied and msg is (...)
Is it possible to read data from gps module to an arduino board and send that data from that arduino board to a mobile phone when some condition is met in the program using Gsm module? This is with reference to softwareserial library. ex: softwareserial (2,3) for gps and softwareserial (7,8) (...)
Hi guys. I wanted to send some information from arduino to a mobile phone after comparing data acquired from google maps and gps . IS it better to use gprs or gsm? Could you please suggest a circuit?? What is this gps/GPRS shield?? Can it be used to get gps data and (...)
i'm looking for: An On-board small diagnostic device that is designed to monitor and diagnose various types of vehicle data. By integrating a GPRS module and gps, data can be transmitted to remote servers for storage and analysis. kindly send me your recommend for it thanks in advance
Hi nakulsasikumar, first don't mix GSM module and gps module. Tows are different thing (Some module also contains booth tows). gps device can only receive the gps data which are send from gps satellite. Most of the time it follow NMEA protocol. You can find out your co-ordinate by using the (...)
1) For sending data to the board that include gps device, you could use serial port and RS232 protocol or i2c 2) One GSM module such as SIM300 can take data and send to any phone by SMS message or GPRS module can send to the web. 3) For transfer data between IR module and (...)
Hi there, I am having a SIM908 EVM board. I was able to send AT Commands and receive gps data from a hyper terminal and a PIC24F. My next step is to send the gps data to a backend server over a HTTP POST. I inserted a sim card in the EVM Board. I am using a normal power supply provided (...)
hi , we are doing project in which i want to send data of gps module through gsm module to anther gsm module and want to upload it to computer serially. and want draw a map according to the data sent by the gps . pls help me in this project . i want help in uploading serially and displaying the map