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hai, I am using stm32f0xx microcontroller by using neoway n10 gsm module i can send and receiving the sms . I dont know how to connect GPRS to my microcontroller through neoway n10 gsm module of AT commands .. Please tell my how to write a AT commands for neoway n10 gsm module . I know the At (...)
hi .. i used sim900a before and it work well .. but recently i use another sim900a again but when i send AT+CMGR=1 for sim900 to read the message detail it feedback me these +CMGR: 0,"",26 0791893905004100240C918939556271820000511172310320410748341A8D46A301 before that i received +CMTI: "SM",1 correctly ... when i send AT T it feedback me
Hi all, For my term project i have to interface nokia 1202-2 with Atmega 8 microcontroller. In my project i have to send a sms which will be received by nokia 1202-2.Atmega 8 will be interfaced with nokia 1202-2 cell phone so that it can read the sms(the code written in it) and make any port high. But i am facing some (...)
Hello everyone. First thank you for attention ! I'm working small projects send Email, sms using PIC16F4620 + ENC28J60 and Module Sim900A. CCS C compiler 5.020. The interface between PIC18F4620 and Module Sim900A I did succeed. But the rest of send Email, I can not do. I've read a lot about the library TCP / IP Stack, but because of limited (...)
Hello... I made temperature sensor using pic16f877a. NOW i want to send this reading using sms... i want when i send for example "Temperature" to the phone connected to the pic it responds to me as message "Temperature is: 20" i mean sms communication and i guess it is done by fbus and AT commands, my problem i cannot (...)
I want to send received sms to other number so I want to copy that topmost sms in array & after that I want to send it using AT commands. Please can anyone help to out to provide the code for it in C?
hi i have a project to send sms via sim548 can anyone help me with the code??? tnx
Hi, currently i am working on the cdma module. I am very new to this module. I need to send a data from cdma module to server using TCP. For eg: I have to use the below procedure for that particular command (I have to Check what software revision is being used: 1. send command AT+GMR 2. Wait for response OK 3. Ensure you have a value
Dear all:-D I am currently doing a final year project. I am going to use the GSM modem to interface with the pic18f4550 without using rs232 and max232 by using TTL outputs of the modem. could you please help and send me about the code in MP Lab (C compiler) that can send and receive sms dan calling with GSM module. Thanks in advance :razz:
Hello, I am new in using arduino microcontroller . I have the project send sms use arduino . I intended use 3g usb modem as module communication . The problem is about arduino and modem interfacing . I went to internet and found this . It need usb host shield to connect ardu
hi I am to write about serial communication using mcu and gsm modem to send sms to mobile. but i face some problem. can anyone give suggestion? did i need to set sbuf ??? I am wirting AT command using c language. while(1){ if (ir_out==0){ SBUF = "A"; waitTx(); SBUF = "T"; waitTx(); }
Dear Friends, I want ckt should detect the smoke, and fire a alarm, also it should send an immediate sms to the security so that if he is not their then also it is possible to go their, actually it is very important company, where important files or money is their... I want it to interface with 89C51, detector yet not decide, please suggest m
Hi, you can use some kind of trap circuit. Trap circuit means one type of MAX232 circuit whose one end connect to PC serial port and other side use only RX line which connect to Micro TX - Modem RX line. Using this type of trap circuit, you can watch command send by micro to module on your computer screen. One other MAX232 trap circuit, yo
first try sending sms from ur modem while using it on hyperterminal, carefully note down all the instructions needed to send it, make exact copy of it in ur code , test ur microcontroller on hyperterminal too, both the codes should be same , then interface both the devices with each ohters
I am now working on a project in which I gotta send sms from a GSM or, CDMA module by a microcontroller device when a sensor have positive response.( I can't use PC there because my device has to be portable) How to do that and what type of things I need to do that? ( I need a detail tutorial as I am new in this type of w
initially send First check by sending AT transmit_data('A'); transmit_data('T'); transmit_data(13); In receiving part you change like below unsigned char buffer; unsigned char count; void receive_data() interrupt 4 // Function to recieve data serialy from RS232 into microcontroller { buffer=SBUF; /
Hi Guys, hw r u all ......? i am working on a project, in which i have to send sms continuously after certain intervals of time. The sms will be sent through GSM Modem Sim 300 attached with the AT89C52 Micro provide time, i will use RTC. The sms send through GSM modem should have format like : (...)
Hi Guys, hw r u all ......? i am working on a project, in which i have to send sms continuously after certain intervals of time. The sms will be sent through GSM Modem Sim 300 attached with the AT89C52 Micro provide time, i will use RTC. The sms send through GSM modem should have format like : (...)
I am sending data continuously to a remote server using sim300 gsm/gprs modem connected to Arduino Uno the same time I want to check if I have received a sms on the sim the setup function I have configured the modem to gprs mode and executing the AT+CIPsend continuously to send data in the main loop program. In my interru
I am trying to send sms through my nokia 1600 phone. The data comes serially from microcontroller AT89s52. Can i use AT command for this purpose? The cable required to connect DB-9 to F-bus of the phone is not available. Please help me.