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The feedback pin will servo to a certain internal reference value, usually 1.23V or 0.8V for low voltage types. Wat you could do is to compare the a third of the LDO output (10 / 3 = 3.33...) to the dac output with an opamp comparator, and then send this signal to the feedback pin instead. A low noise, rail to rail opamp like the LMV321 is (...)
Hello, I am trying to use an LPC11C24 microcontroller to send digital values to a dac8718 ( ) to convert to an analog voltage value. I am attempting to communicate via SPI and I am using mbed.h with the SPI.h capability to send an arbitrary stream of bits to the dac. However I am not seeing any
Hi I need to generate an analog voltage using a microcontroller (16F877A) I have two options - 1.)Use R-2R ladder and make a 10bit dac 2.)generate 1kHz PWM signal-->send it through a 6 pole lowpass filter-->get analog voltage relevant to duty cycle. Since I couldn't find any dac ics, I'm (...)
I designed I2S transmitter in VHDL to control AD1939 codec. My question is that; Is it possible to hold dac output in certain level such as 2 volts, while disabling bit clock signal or I2S protocol works only continuous mode? I mean that if i want to hold dac output level in certain voltage level *i should send same data (...)
Hi, I need a simple 14 bit dac that can parallel input and output output voltage ranging from 0V to 10V . plz send application notes if possible.