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I was trying to do a small project which is to apply the hotel system key card where it open the door of a room and after enter the room we put it at a certain place where it acts as a switch for the lamp and aircond. So, i was wondering which one is better either using RFID or IR sensor?
Do you have a commercial BLCD with two sensors or are you designing your own one? Using three (digital) hall sensors is the usual scheme because it allows a simple direct relation of sensor signal to motor control. With only three digital sensors you can't determine the initial position exactly and don't (...)
I'm trying to understand how to set up clocks and read data from a MIPI camera sensor. The sensor (Omnivision 5647) uses the MIPI CSI-2 protocol with D-PHY for the physical layer. The stage I am trying to get to is to be able to observer SoT (Start of Transmission) signals after which I can start parsing the CSI-2 protocol packets. In a small MI
Trying to circumscribe the issue as a whole, it is something curious that the command for the first switching of the valves is done with a closed loop control by measuring the water level of the tank with a pressure sensor, but in order to revert the valves you're now making this in a ( locally ) open loop process just taking the time into account.
I have this small LED and PIR light now when sensor detect motion it turns ON and after 2 minutes it turns OFF. Now I like to change circuit to Light turn of slowly, like dimm to zero, so it takes about 20 seconds to light turn of by dimming. But don't know how. here is circuit
Application can be any complex process control where we have lot of sensor inputs & we have lot of outputs with 15-20 solenoid, relay & motor driver. Application may sound vague, but my study topic is use of 4 microcontrollers system instead of 4 core micro. An application so simple like the one you mentione
Have you previously worked with temperature sensors? Relays? Heating elements? Short description: * Take reading from a sensor. Amplify if needed. * Compare with desired reading. * If temp is below your desired low threshold, send signal to relay to turn on heater. If temp is above your desired high limit, then turn off heater. It's a goo
Do you wish for this to be a DIY project? I picture a clear U-shaped tube, containing a metal ball which is free to move with flowing liquid, in proportion to the speed of flow. The U-shape lets you detect flow in either direction. Detect position via photosensors, or inductive sensor, or magnetic sensor. (...)
A comparator circuit like suggested in post #4 is basically the way to go. Some necessary modifications: - need hysteresis for the resistance threshold - drive the transistor with sufficient base current to saturate the switch, e.g. Ic/Ib = 10..50 - should clarify how the resistance sensor has to be connected to achieve switch-off with risin
You did not mention anything about the sensor. Also, the relay need to be connected to an output of the uC, not input. The question is incomplete.
Dear Friends, I have planned to make my own soil humidty sensor. In my control panel, I have LCD and butons. I wanna make control panel as tiny as possible, so I will use Attiny85 microchip. So you know this microchip don't have much pins in contrast to Atmega328p. I need one more pin for measuring button. That's the point, I have already (...)
Hi! Anyone know a method to access and control the Vcc and GND pins of a schmitt trigger inverter in LTSpice? I'm using a light sensor circuit to control an alarm circuit. But I can't connect the the light sensor circuit to the schmitt trigger in LTSpice
In addition to the smooth control suggested above, there are other factors that appoint the PID control as a suited method for this application, instead of making a simple instantaneous error correction of On/Off driving in loop back control: The first aspect is that the mass of the heatsink where the sensor is supposed (...)
You must sense bidirectional current and use an accelerator and brake control to regulate the current with PWM. There must also be a sensor to control speed and acceleration , the latter which affects current directly depending on inertia and backlash in drive train. So a dead time is critical between accelerate and brake since if both are (...)
using flux linkage, that sounds like you are looking for the signal from a hall sensor. As you know, the other ways to sense rotor position are sensorless bldc control, and encoder based techniques.
The current sensor should be connected after the EMI filter. i.e. between the Inverter and the utility mains. The presence of voltage across the grid is sensed using a PT/or a resistive divider and not by the CT. The grid acts as a very low impedance load when you intend to pump current into it, hence it is important that you sense the pumped cur
Hi, This is a general question where you will find no general answer. count. Imagine a heating control for a house. A temperature sensor in a room. I expect the lowest useful temperature for the regulation is about 0C, just to prevent water from freezing. The highest temperature maybe is 30C. So there is a useful rang
We are using the SI9241AEY Bus Transceiver. It interfaces between a microprocessor and the communication bus which services the Engine control Module and the electronic sensor and control system for a small engine. The system uses the Keywords 2000 Protocol which is a single wire protocol similar to LIN and in contrast to CAN which is a (...)
Hi, is there anyone who knows about the MT9M024/034 CMOS sensor's single frame mode? I have tried to control the TRIG pin with GPI_EN=0 or GPI_EN=1, without success. If I set GPI_EN=0, the CMOS sensor works and image data will be output in stream. no matter the TRIG pin's input. If I set GPI_EN=1, no matter what the TRIG input, the (...)