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hello i want to simulate wireless sensor network,i uesed opnet modeler 14 but it didn't supprot it.please help me to select good simulator? i wanna use sensor and sink node and use wi-fi and bluetooth for this topology and mesure QOS THANK FOR YOUR REPLAY
hi sowmya, Here will be the steps to start your project code - - First generate the sensor network ( may be you can deifne some area map and generate the random spread for sensor ) - you need to define the parameter for each sensor ( like battery life, transmission powe etc.) - After this you can take your paper (...)
hey all .. i want to download TOSSIM simulator to simulate but i ddnt find the program the main goal to simulate a Wireless sensor network .... any help plez ? thanx
Hi, I have done the theoritical analysis of the IEEE paper mentioned in the below link. I want to compare this theoritical results with a wireless passive sensor network, so I need to simulate wireless passive sensornetwork. Could you please guide me to achieve this.
Hi if anybody knows how to install and how to utilize the prowler simulator for the wsn application pls share with me. my mail id : Thanks G kannan
I am a MTech Student doing my final research work on preventing the flooding attack in the wireless sensor network. The tool suggested to me is MATLAB. As I am very new to this field and to MATLAB also. So please help me from where should I start writing the code write from the scratch. The things which I have thought to do in my project are:
Hi all, I want to simulate and compare Zigbee/z-wave/UWB/Bluetooth. Can I use Matlab for this? Can I create a Wireless sensor network using Matlab Simulink using above technologies? What are the good reference websites for me to get an idea.. Thank yooooo sooo much.
Hi , I am started doing the research work based on wireless sensor network. in which i am concentrating at node level. is there any tool available to know and change the properties of the sensor that i am able to improve the lifetime / enhance the performance of the sensor network. can i use linux as a (...)
Dear all Hi I have a project about application of wireless sensor networks in remote medical treatment system. I need to simulate a wireless sensor network by using TinyOs simulator but it seems that this software only works in Linux this true? And anybody can help me about the problem?I will be really (...)
i am doing the project on the topic "improving the lifetime of sensor network by power aware routing" by ns2 simulator,please provide the coding for my project as soon as possible...............
Hi, I have one doubt r u going to implement this project with the hardware or u r only going to simulate it in a network simulators. If u r doing in hardware means zigbee protocol standard will be the best. Also you can simulate this zigbee protocol in NS2 simulator also. Please find the attached PPT for Wireless sensor (...)
please explain a bit more about ur sensor data simulator .........................
Does anybody khow about good free simulator for sensor network suimulation I need to simulate virtual MIMO in cooperative sensor network over correlated fading environment.