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Hello, any uC with analog input could be used, e. g. pic, AVR. Also any available C compiler. I would choose a processor and tool, for that you can get support in your neighbourhood, that's used by other people you know. You should probably know the sensor used in your project. I guess, it could be a hydrostatic pressure (...)
Hello guys, I have a question about I2C communication in pics. I need to write a C program that makes communication using I2C protocol with another device (i.e. a temperature sensor). If, in the pic software, I write "i2c_read( )" (after all the declarations before), will the sensor start to send the data to (...)
I'm going to start writing my first pic program. It will run on the 16F877 micro and must (among other things) read the temperature from the DS1620 sensor. CCS compiler comes with the support for the DS1621 sensor, but, as I know from reading data sheets, it is not compatible with DS1620. Can anyone offer some help?
Hi, for a senior design project I am creating a CO environmental monitoring system. I do have some code written but I am not sure if it is correct. I am trying to program the pic16F877 to display the min, max, and mean of the air sample every 30 seconds. If anyone can help me, email me at Thanks, Br