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Hello, I have bought a module like this one : I try to use it with a MICROCHIP pic 16LF2620 (MPLAB X and XC8 compiler). I have modified one ef the cpp libraries we can find at different places (all quite the same) to use the hardware SPI of the pic. T
i write a code to test my HC-SR04 sensor to measure distance but seem there is no responce from the sensor, after i program and when i turn on the pic, the LED from port A0 turn on and not turn off even i move more than 100 cm..pls help i'm using pickit 2, mplab ide wit c18 compiler, internal OSC 4Mhz.. (...)
Hey there, I've been trying to interface a DHT11 sensor to a pic18F4550 and coding with xC8 compiler. Actually I've modified it from a website. I've successfully loaded a hex file into the MCU but the LCD only displays zero humidity and zero temperature. I've checked and my circuit has no problem. The DHT11 sensor is also (...)
I don't know what SH20 is. SHT20 is a digital sensor with I2C interface. In so far it's not clear how you connected the sensor. Please clarify, preferably show a schematic.
i want interface SM630 sensor with pic micro controller. i send add finger print command but sensor dont respond me. how can i check this sensor is work correctly. any software for this sensor to check demo test.
I've written a code in MPlab, the compiler im making use is C18 and i want it to do as follows.. Once we started the process, TIMER in pic 18F4550 and also Ultrasonic sensor(HC-SR04) must be triggered. If obstacle is detected by the sensor,the present value of the timer have to be taken for calculating distance between (...)
hi i have got Inertial measurement unit MinIMU-9 v2 (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) from Pololu, i need to interface it with pic 18f controller, can any one guide me to interface and to write code for pic controller using ccs compiler.. sensor link: if any one written code for pic controll
Hello Rajesh, What actually the problem 1) pic coding 2) sensors calculations (I mean theory of them)? - - - Updated - - - you may got something from here : and for the detail calculations of Gyro + Accelero (for IMU) check Tutorial. (And can you post the link of your
Hello everyone , I am doing a Tiny Digital Thermal sensor using pic18F4520 as my project. The requirement of this project is to allow us to see the room temperature in the room and displaying the temperatre readings at the LCD screen . If the temperature exceeds a limits that i set , AST1109MLTRQ which is a buzzer will be activated to alert us.
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the pic18F4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding
Is anyone who has driver or information about how to use ms5561c pressure sensor with pic microcontroller. I use CCS compiler.
My circuit is constructed as below. I'm a new beginner in programming. Desperately need help for the programming of this system. I have modified coding from similar project, but it keep on getting syntax error. Need help in modifying the AVR code for HSM20G into pic code for HSM20G. Facing syntax error in rx part. 70113
hi, pls give me code for distance measurement using an ultrasonic detector and interfacing with pic 18f.
Hi everyone...... I have to design the line following robot for my final year project.... I need help..... I also a beginner in pic programming.... so may someone help me to write the line following program..... I am using CCS C compiler, pic16f886.......and used 3 infrared sensor.....and 2 DC motors, digital method (...)
I am new in microcontroller. I have task to design pic microcontroller based temperature monitoring and control using pt100 as sensor. Total 8 pt100 are to interface with pic16f877a. Set points are to be given by keypad and display should be on lcd. Control technicque should be pwm.I am using CCS compiler First I am (...)
read in the compiler help the API's used for SPI interface, in C18 and MikroC compilers there are API's for such interface, take care you are connecting the right pins of the SPI between microcontroller and sensor.
The PT100 will need 1 analog input pin per sensor ; the Maxim chips will need 1 digital I/O pin for many sensors
i am using mikroc compiler and i have optical sensor how can i make external interupt for this sensor....iam using pic 18f
hi.. i am using ccs compiler to program pic 16f877a. Now my fequirement is to count the digital pulse from proximity sensor which is connected at the 17th pin. can i use capture command to measure pulse width and there by i can i calculate frequency and speed? or should i have to use counter??? can anyone send basic codings (...)
how to write a formula to measure a sensor reading? for an example i want to measure temperature using LM35DZ ...newbie