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Hi, I just started working on a project where I want to see humidity and temperature sensor reading from remote location(web), I also want to turn on/off LEDs. This project is for learning purpose so I can do any additional things to better understand. While initial searching and readings about IoT projects I understand we need to register a
Hi guys, I was searching in the forum related thread, but it's a dead end. I'm building a uni project related with this sensor BMP085 but the problem is that there is no proper library for it in Proteus and even Altium. The simulation it's easier before buying parts. I don't want to reinvent the hot water. If you have compatible library for
Never heard of any homemade EEG projects. I imagine it's a question as to the nature of signal you hope to pick up. Then whether the sensor should be capacitive, inductive, or magnetic. How much impedance. Etc. You'll be lucky to pick up much of a signal. You'll need to amplify it a great deal. A smaller sensor should be able to pick up (...)
Hello, I'm looking for an idea for a project that involves sensor signal processing on a mobile robot. The robot can be mounted with an array of sensors and might have capability for transmitting and receiving data with a remote host. I tried looking up projects that involved swarms/wsns but couldn't come up with anything concrete. Can (...)
I know the battery inside is 3.7 V, so how does the pack derive 5 V from this ?? Also how is battery temperature monitored ?? Consider a boost converter and temperature sensor.
As I understand you need to 4 meter distance to be measured with 1 mm resolution I will recommend to you to use pulsed laser concept if target is reflective ...... I mean pulse laser with some finite time and and detect the counts for known distance for finite period then you can use the same logic for change in distance.... kindly note this approa
thank u shatruddha for ur rly.... the project is abt developing an middleware architecture for secutity in WSN using mobile agents. the simulation tool is jprowler which deals with matlab codings middleware is a bridge between the OS of the sensor and the application done by the sensor... if it is possible to get the algorithm i am able to write th
See this project with digital sensor, the same code you can use for your PIC, just adjust configuration bits. DC Fan speed control on ATtiny13 and DS18B20 LM35 is analog sensor this is one step easier, you should use ADC for reading LM35, and OpAmp if
Hi, 1.Vision-Based Automated Parking System 2.Simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network 3.Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System 4.Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor Based Security System 5.Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single Axis Solar Panel Controll
Hello everyone I am Jaideep pursuing Btech final year. Currently i am doing my project titled "Vehicle Tracking and Accident Alert System" It works with an acceleration sensor MMA7660 and depending on values obtained from it, the tilt is measured and accident is detected Currently am facing projects in interfacing MMA7660
adruino offers a variety of modules that could communicate with a smart phone. 1) GSM modules. 2) Bluetooth module 3) Ethernet module (server or client ) All above you found at adruino web site and in google with adruino projects. You may found a 4-20mA loop sensors for liquid sensors. Hope that helps.
I am in need of a piezo electric sensor.. my aim is to measure heart beat using it.. I tried of obtaining heart beat using the sensor obtained from buzzer, but it does'nt worked can anyone please tell me the electronic components or equipments from which I can get piezo electric sensor with medium sensitivity. thank you.
Hi, Just google on 'arduino speedo sensor' there are loads of projects doing just that.
The only form of output maybe the LCD control lines, in which case you maybe better off implementing your own TDS/EC sensor. The following details such a project: EC/TDS/PPM Meter On Limited Budget EC/TDS/PPM Meter Schematic [UR
I have realized that in order to build new projects with it I should also have good knowledge of sensors and signal conditioning circuits. You are correct, proper signal conditioning is critical for many sensor based applications. Analog Devices has recently released many of their texts in PDF format for free
Need C/assembly based source code for a temperature and humidity based sensor using PIC 16F877... and display the temperature and humidity to a 16X2 lcd display....
Hey guys, i found a intresting project for water monitoring system. Previously i was using Water proof POT acting as a float valve and sending that POT voltage to ADC, that Project didnt last long because in summer temperature is quite hot (40 degree )and the the tank was black i
You can use a touch sensor circuit, The circuit uses very low voltage which is safe for use in the bath room. The capacitive sensor use QT100 IC and works under various material. This means that it is possible to waterproof the touch sensor for bathroom use The sensor can be interface d
Hi, Yes. Touch sensing is able to work under non-metallic surface. The following website has a video demo on the sensor. You can increase the sensitive and position the sensor under various material. It will still be able to detect the touch.
Use this checked and working like a charm projects : With 1 Relay and 1 sensor Version 6 Relays and 6 sensors Version
Arduino UNO has 13 digital pins.. I want to use the pins 2 and 3 as input by connecting them to sensors. But the problem is my sensor has to be connected with three wires(Vcc, GND, Data). I have only one Vcc pin on my board. How should i make the connections?
There are projects to make an electronic compass using 1 or 2 hall sensors. These can be a guide. The sensor looks about like a transistor. You feed 5V across the supply pins. (I guess there's a 3.3V version as well). The output terminal ranges between 0 and 5. Absence of any magnetic field produces 2.5. Most likely you will need to (...)
Hi Narmu, I was working on similar project for company you can get Hammastu Color sensor and then interfaced it with micro-controller and then to PC that will give you RGB value of the Color the sensor I was using was S9706.... this sensor have intensity control too....I know there is LED comes with RGB color together also you can use three (...)
Hi In my project i am reading the temp sensor values continously in microcontroller and sending the values to PC through USB. is there any easy tool to plot the values as graph for each values recived from microcontroller. (I need two things offline and online). offline can be done using excel sheet. i.e. store the values as data comes and th
Hi everyone, I want to design a data acquisition system with data logging with graphs of the sensor's output. I want to design it with an ATMega8(L) microcontroller. I already have an Atmega 8 microcontroller development board that came with a line follower kit. In that board i can program the microcntrlr with the usb cabl
HI there. I have to make a nodal communication based sensor network applying zigbee can any one tell me how many zigbee modules are there for the project mentioned above? I have come across some of them but want a list of some more . Kindly also tell me which one is the best of them for me? Thanks in advance. I am waiting for reply :)
Hi, Im a student and we have a project where we are designing a touchless air piano (similar effect to this: A New Instrument - how it works - YouTube ). I am in charge in designing the sensors. Basically the sensors would have to detect the distance of the hand from the sensor. The output should be
i have made a project DIGITAL CODE LOCK WITH DIGITAL CLOCK AND TEMP sensor using PIC 16F877A micro. u can see details of this project and others on Fun With Micros - Home i have made this site to help other get started with micros so please give suggestions abt the site and projects to make them better.
Anybody having schematic for a digital IR sensor ? , analogue schematic is available
hi!! merry Christmas,,, before i enjoy this holiday,, i have some projects in school that i need to finish,,, i need some help,,, how to interface MQ3 alcohol sensor to an RF id,,,, and can u help me where will i can buy a mq3 alcohol sensor,,, hope that this post will be a threading topic,,, pls. help, thank you and *** bless,,,
My opinion is that is better to use hall sensor or current trafo then shunt. For higher currents may be very dangerously, and shunt affect on circuit and current.
Dear Sir..... i am telling suppose ..we are not know which type of remote...but those remote transmit IR. i want only reading the data which are coming from remote in the sensor pin. suppose............. sbit IR = P1^0; if(IR==0) i want this type of data in hyperterminal or serial port.Or in
Guyz im making a colour sensor,here ive used three leds red green and blue and photoresistor as sensor each led would blink for i wanted know how should i store the analog value in micro controller(At89s52).and compare the readings,im using C language and programming using keil
I am looking at several projects, some of which I don't have the experience to deal with, some, I lack the resources(time and energy). 1) A transponder. I only need the RF side done here. Tx @ 1.09GHz 500mW On/Off keyed, Rx @ 1.06GHz, digital output. 2) Multi-zone flamable gas detector. Wein-bridge sensor which requires a 1 minute warm up of r
Hello everyone, Im doing a project in which im using sht21 sensor module to measure humidity and temperature which i bought from rhydolabz part no:ARD-1485.. Im using pic 16f877a to communicate with the module through i2c communication. How to connect sht21 with pic?..
see this Temperature & Humidity sensor - Angophora Electronics
hi Dears, i need help, to implement network coding in NS 2 for wireless sensor networks. please share
I am using p89v51rd2 microcontroller with 4 ir sensors for line tracing and 2 color sensors for red and blue color detection. I have used 1k load resistance for all the six sensors. But all the 4 ir sensors shows correct output when connected to controller but the two color sensors alone doesnt show correct (...)
What type of sound sensor you are using?
i have some final year full projects sharing them if u have more info on them share 1)The Sybil Attack in sensor Networks Analysis & Defenses download at 2)Routing Security in sensor Network HELLO Flood Attack and Defense download at 3)Detecting Selective Forwardi
I am a MTech Student doing my final research work on preventing the flooding attack in the wireless sensor network. The tool suggested to me is MATLAB. As I am very new to this field and to MATLAB also. So please help me from where should I start writing the code write from the scratch. The things which I have thought to do in my project are:
i have attached the circuit of the IR remote sensor , i want to know which protocol is used ?
hi as i m using 8951RD2 controller, i want to read the Remote controller digits and display on the LCD if anybody having code please pass to me
which IR sensor you are using..
Broadly speaking, you need an LDR if you want quantitative readings about the light, and an Photodiode or Phototransistor for digital (present or absent) reading. All three are (more or less) linear sensors and can perform quantitative measurements. A phototransistor can't work at high light intensities and has a limited linearity d
hi even I use loadcell sensor interface to ARM. Even I have the same doubts on ADC , could you suggest me some articles or ways to implement for ADC
problem may be associated with solenoid and power supply. try about 100nF capacitor near temp. sensor and MCU and read following
may have a look at have 125 Khz module with interfacing to 89S52, with magnetic door sensor, LCD and keyboard with 2 on board relays. One for lock and other for siren. The project comes with complete description, schematics, Sample codes, Block diagram and the kit. on above website they a
You may find a ready to assemble tachometer Kit with Optical sensor and 89C2051 with LED 7 segment display at . Good luck
for interfacing between microcontroller and temperature sensor lm35 or any other look on these pages, LCD routine and example projects, VB data loging projects, go here and if you want to use a mocrocontroller from 8051 family and want to interface with PC through serial or parallel port along with temperature data