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what is the real life range of nrf24l01+PA+LNA (one with seperate antenna) ? Its mentioned as 1.1km but some says you will get only 100m
Another possible solution.. If you know the components' values and part numbers, you can build the same circuit on a seperate PCB and measure it standalone. Then measure the input impedance of the circuit at the antenna input after that extract the s-parameters of the first copied circuit from these second measured s-parameters. OK, it's not a ver
current handsets do indeed use seperate antennas. why? well if you had a single antenna with a single feed you would have to diplex those gsm signals and bt signals. using seperate antennas removes all that and essentially the price of the antenna is comparable to any diplexer.
This is correct; Mobile phones are using seperate FM anteness or use the headset as an antenna. This is indeed because the frequencies are too far away from eachother. It is already difficult to implement a 1900, 1800, 900 MHz antenna....
could you mind to seperate the active antenna into antenna design and LNA design
Hi all, I have a problem with importing graph into Microwave office and hope that someone can help. I have receive some impedance measurements for an antenna. The data of real impedance and imaginary impedance are in seperate files. No s1p files. How do I import it into microwave office to plot it in the smith chart. I have tried putting them
It depends what do you want to simulate, i guess. Actual antenna arrays are multi port devices, every port is excited using a seperate feed. Planar arrays are generally used for scanning. Array elements are phased differently to form the beam at the desired angle. Implementations require a complicated feeding structure. However in the litrat
It is used successfully in satellite communications. You have two signals at the same frequency, one is right hand circular polarized and the other is left hand circular polarized. The receiver antenna is able to seperate the two signals with about 25 dB of isolation.
I want to make UHF & FM antenna booster. Both will be seperate circuits. Please guide me where can i get good schematics\circuits.