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Hi, I'm trying to drive a piezo pump which requires two seperate (opposing) signals at around 250V/150Hz. Any ideas how I can generate this from a 3.3V system? I was thinking of using EL backlight drivers, but would have no control over the phase using these. Thanks.... Ben
I am trying to verify that the audio signal is infact at the right frequency of 1440hz. The problem with the o-scope is that also on the same line there is also a audio signal of 2670hz on it. So if I tried to verify that the frequency is there i would see on the o-scope alot of distortion because it will be picking up both waveforms mixed toge
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This is usually a pipeline decoupling FIFO... used more to seperate domains and seperate acknowledge signals rather than as a bus
As stated previously, digital signals are usually noisey (due to constant switching) and analog circuits are sensative. Hence, the GND planes are separated. To seperate the two GNDs, you will need two 0 Ohm resistors. This will give you the option to connect to either/both GNDs.
It is used successfully in satellite communications. You have two signals at the same frequency, one is right hand circular polarized and the other is left hand circular polarized. The receiver antenna is able to seperate the two signals with about 25 dB of isolation.