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The term "Image Processing" covers a wide range of applications from the simplest to the most complex. you can make from simple image enhancement functions, going to patterns detection, as well as image tracking, and on these last ones there are applied chained algorithms with others in a pipeline sequence. I think that if you have no solid backgro
i have been implementing the sequence detection of 1101 in system generator using "mcode" block that performs state machines , i have understand the other things in code, but could not get the meaning of this sentence "persistent state , state = x1_state(start, {x1unsigned, 2,0});" can anybody tell what the meaning of that sentence the whole c
I am sure that multiple antenna array would help. However, I suspect that a better processing approach would be to treat each antenna as independent, and use them to form a MIMO type system. You could use some training sequence to figure out the "multipath" effects inside of the human tissue, even if it is moving.
I am in this example would draw your attention to the following: If the sine wave is not defined on the whole window and when it intersects with other unknown sinusoid, the Fourier is not exactly determine the frequency. I think the statement misses the point. The fundamental of the sine segments will still show as peaks in the four
How about Current sensing feedback control for each driver to feed to the logic control of one exclusive gate drive desired in sequence? With additional one shot delay for detection of sustained below threshold current stays in case of ringing.
How you are generating AC input sequence on your schematic? Could you share schematic you are using? Or check the signal on your input pin using oscilloscope window.
Hi, I am transmitting a sequence of length 128 bit over an ISI channel, and I would like to do ML detection for the received sequence. How to do that in MATLAB? Thanks in advance
hi, i m trying the project edge detection using hidden markov chain(HMC) model based on wavelets.The HMC needs transition matrix(TM), initial state probability (PI)distribution,observation sequence(O),and observation pobability distribution(b). for my case the observation(O) is wavelet coefficients. TM=; PI; b= can be a
Hi all I have a sequence of digital data that come from an ADC and I want to detect every pulses in it and the duration of these pulses. which techniques are available for this porpuse. I'll appriciate any body who help me.
in DSSS Direct sequence Spread Specrum a PN code with high bite rate is used to spread the data stream. in this case the data power spread in a wide freq. band. so its detection for non outhorizeds are imposible, is noise protected and ...
it involves the detection of a particular sequence and has many ways of implementation and are generally resolved using state diagram.... can you be little more specific in what you are actually looking for,.,,,,
3 phase. basically i want to check the phase sequence whether it's proper or not. Thanks for your reply.
Please help. Nobody replies on requests forum A.D.Fagan and F.D.O’Keane “Performance comparison of detection methods derived from maximum-likelihood sequence estimation,” IEE Proc., Vol. 133, No. 6, pp.535-542, Oct 1986.
Channel estimation can be performed by utilizing a training sequence which is embedded periodically into the transmitted symbol sequence. Transmission of kown symbol to be used in obtaiing channel estimation causes training-based approach to waste useful bandwidth. An alternative is to do Blind Channel Estimation, where the transmitted symbols are
It's maybe for sequence detection. The register previous is to store input streem.
Hi, I was doing a small mini caller id project using AVR2313 MCU + Cm8870. The problem is the telephone nos., displayed are not correct in sequence and also it is displaying only 4 numbers. My assumption about the problem is interrupt problem. But How to increase the delay for every interrupt between numbers.