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Hello, I'm looking for a linux app to connect to a serial comm (RS232) device and to be able to send commands over TCP (LAN, web). That's it, the application must have a built-in web server to gather the remote commands and to translate them to serial port (device). For now, I'm using a VNC client to access the linux box and to write commands in
Hi, After each execution, three bytes 0x123 are sent I'm confused: 0x123 isn't a byte nor ist it three rather are three hex nibbles = 1.5 bytes.. **** You say 11 a serial stream. You need some technique to find out where the 11 byte frame begins. This could be made by codes or by timing... Imagine an undef
You can with most microprocessors, but you shouldn't do. The fact that you are processing SMS in the interrupt routine is already a case of bad application layout. You'll receive serial data to a RX ring buffer in the interrupt, but process the modem notifications in the main loop.
Hello every one I don't understand about how the mikroc send data via serial port. I have made application by using but couldn't send data like MikroC application, it gives me error, please help!
Two simple queries Is there something like serial data buffer in AVR microcontrollers Atmega 16/32? If serial input is coming to MCU, the incoming data will not be accessible after the data stream is over?
hello My friends, I have A problem in my Project I have A String I have to receive it From serial Port And Use It First Problem is How Receive it? When it is between 0 to 9 it has 9 Characters,And from 10 to 99 it has 10 Characters,And from 100 to 255 it has 11 Characters This Strring Starts With * And Ends With # Example: *11|11|
Hello, i need help on designing a proper circuit for adding status leds using a MAX232 when connected to a PIC. i tried the usual setting tying leds from the TX and RX from the uC but the problem is that they dont lid correctly, i've been told that using a pulse stretcher would be a more efficient solution to this so i could see the bits more prope
Sir, i want to control room devices by transmitting serially from virtual terminal to microcontroller. That means if i write BULB ON in virtual terminal, the bulb connected to p0.0 glows I have written a code but that is not working fine. Please can you tell me the errors in this. I am attaching the code and circuit diagram. #inc
Hey Guys, I followed a tutorial and done a program in visual studio where its reading in values via the serial port and displaying them in a text box,just random numbers really.Code is only a couple of lines long. I'm wondering can I graph those values as they're coming in? I tried this example using the chart component as it only had a few line
i want to extarct latitude and longitude from GPS, i hv writted this code but i am getting nothing on LCD /* Basic program to show latitude and longitude on LCD extracted from GPGGA statement */ #include #define port2 P2 sbit rs = P1^7; sbit rw = P1^6; sbit e = P1^5; char info; char test={"$GPGGA"}; char comma_posi
how to use both transmitter and reciever at a time in 8051.. pls someone explain me the steps so that i can implement real time
how to design a serial i/o port for a microcontroller in verilog language? Does it use a tristate buffer circuit with inout?
Dont check for '\n'... Instead check for "OK"... Until you get "OK", just print the received data in the serial... Declare an array of buffer and get the data until you get "OK" and then print the buffer...Max sms characters can be 160 only... Your way of handling might create before printing the data you may receive next data...
If your command that you send as SMS is 10 characters wide then use a ring buffer (array) of say 12 or 15 elements. Every time there is a serial interrupt check if index is equal to buffer length. If yes, reset the buffer to 0. As the command in SMS will be the last part it will get stored in the buffer. To (...)
Hi everyone! :) I am trying to implement and simulate in simulink a basic OFDM system. However I have some doubts in which blocks are more suitable to use in order to get a Parallel to serial and S/P. I have tried to use the reshape block and the buffer/unbuffer, whereas the result of the PDS of an OFDM symbol is not the expected... I (...)
hi, Im working on serial receiver with AT90USB162 micro.i have to listen 4 uart pins and get data.all uart pins 1200 baud. data may come 4 pins in same can i get? may i use buffer like max3100 or just solve with software. can you give example? thanks.
hi guys i need to store the data received through serial communication ,in atmega8 n use it for further manipulations could u tell me how to do so???
Hi, I have interfaced a Garmin GPS to my ARM based microcontroller (LPC 1768) using serial communication. These are the steps am following to read the data 1. Read first 2000 characters from Receiver buffer register and store it in an array. 2. Whenever the count reaches 2000, disable the interrupt and set a flag to 1. 3. When flag is set t
I need a serial SRAM connected to SPI (I hope). I need to buffer many sample values. The sample values need about 8MBit. I need to buffer the sample values before sending them. The transmit link is slow. Any tips for an SPI based SRAM? Or a FLASH with many write cykles?
To receive data (GSM response) you have to use serial interrupt.