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share your sensor datasheet you need just serial uart data receive function many time posted in the forum before
What i understand about your problem, that is your circuit is not establishing serial communication. if it is ur problem then u can shear with me. my email is (
I want to represent data bits on port2 of 8051...and this same data is transmitted serially on rxd pin of uC by putty software on pc. I.e if i send byte "1" by putty software then this byte "1" should be represented on port 2 in terms of 8 bits on port 2 pins...can anyone provide me code. At 9600 boud rate.
Microchip actually offers several appnotes/source code concerning the topic: Interfacing 8051 MCUs with I2C™ serial EEPROMs Source Code for Above Appnote [URL="ww1.microchip.c
To receive data (GSM response) you have to use serial interrupt.
No way you can check your logic only. By using com-PIM and Virtual serial Port send response to GSM Module manually to ur contoller.
serial handshake signals are active by default. That means, the modem doesn't answer before the signals are asserted. Some GSM modules might have built-in pull-down resistors that activate RTS and DTR when unconnected.
Guys, Does anyone know on how to initialize bluetooth module with MCS-51 ? I saw there's TX and RX and can connect to RX and TX of 8051, but I lost the code, Any helps or idea will be very appreciated, Thanks a lot, I have a module like this one
Which modem? Since there is no AT answer means that you probably have hardware problem. Check your serial communication without modem. Check did you use a proper pins of modem, in some datasheets Tx and Rx on modem are actually Tx and Rx of MCU.
// Program to test serial communication of controller with PC using hyper terminal #include void ini() // Initialize Timer 1 for serial communication { TMOD=0x20; //Timer1, mode 2, baud rate 9600 bps TH1=0XFD; SCON=0x50; TR1=1; } void recieve() //Function to receive (...)
Hi friends, Is it possible for a microcontroller (8051 core) to interface a serial EEPROM instead of Paralled EEPROM for CODE memory. Pls let me know, if any techniques are there for this.. Thanks in advance...
i am giving input to the AT89C52 microcontroller through serial input i.e P3.0(RXD). i need to transmit it to the 16x2 lcd display. please help to give scrolling effect to text and also is it possible to transmit more than 16 characters per line with scrolling.. My code is given below. please tell me any modifications require #
check this link for 8051 serial Tutorial and for code in assembly
Here is a picture com1 port and 8051. Search this forum with "8051 max233" or "8051 serial communication" you will see lots of posts And for RPM counter, It would be better if you provide us with some more details about the thing whose RPM you want (...)
Why use an 8255? What is the make and model of the 8051 variant you are using in the design? If your particular 8051 does not have a hardware SPI interface you could always bit-bang the SPI interface. The following appnote covers both hardware and software interfacing an 8051 with a SPI serial
serial Interface of computer with microcontroller 8051 and PIC is expalaned here on following links. Serail interface by using PIC16f877a microcntroller with computer (PC) see here
Hey! every1 :D how are u guys doing? I am here wid my problem. so here it goes.. i have two 89s52 and i want to transfer data between them by using serial data transfer, I want to use any pin of the Uc to trsnfer the data. I have tried many programming but somehow its never working. I want a Uc to trnx it and another want to rxEv it and display
hi everyone. i have not interface a micro controller to a pc before. i would like to send three set of data from some the micro controller to a computer so that it can be displayed on the screen of a pc. I have heard of parallel and serial communication but i dont know where to start from. A sort beginner tutorial will be helpful
this may help you: 8051 Tutorial: serial communication -
hi guys, i have been trying to operate 3 relays using 8051 through serial communication (rs232). i have a software in vb in pc..frm which i want to operate relays on my ckt. i'm using max-232 for serial communication. i badly need a code in C how to receive the string from my software in Pc so that i can (...)
your statment is not clear, pl. write what exactly you want.what do you mean by cyclic buffer. cyclic buffers are used usually in serial communication and sometimes with interrupt concepts.. Downloads / Examples / serial Circular buffer example : 8051 Mic
Most of the GPS modules have serial interface which sends data in serial format. You cab interface it with 8051 serial port. Try it.
Practically using rf modules through serial port is not reliable. ht12 series uses manchester encoding technique. It can be implemented in 8051 controller. Here is a tutorial Data Encoding Techniques, manchester encoding, 8b/10b
hi i am having a development board and i have no idea how to connect through serial port , i have 9 pin d connector cable plz help me to select software and procedure to connect board with pc how we can connect that boar with pc and burn the micro controller
help me someone code vb6 serial comm 89xx microcontroler! code including + code C for 89xx + code visual basic 6 (comunication RS232) thankyou!
Hi does anyone have any information on Pocket51 rev 1.1 8051 board? It comes with a serial interface (com port; NOT for programming the microcontroller), 5V and 12V regulators(7805/7812), MAX232 and 93c56A from Atmel (this is a serial EEPROM IC I think but I am not sure). It also (...)
Are there any modifications to be done in the computer before serial data reception in a computer or the programming is enough. Can anyone provide me with a sample program to send a data from 8051 to computer using RS232.. thanks for ur help...
Here is how you connect I2C EEProm to 8051-derivative: "Interfacing AT24CXX serial EEPROMs with AT89CX051 Microcontrollers" Use SEARCH (next to FAQ at the Top-Left) to find relevant code (C or ASM) .. Rgds, IanP
The part number you listed in your post is for a printing mechanism, not a whole printer (just the mechanics). You would still need a so-called interface board with the actual printing electronics. The one capable of serial communication goes by the name FT
for interfacing between microcontroller and temperature sensor lm35 or any other look on these pages, LCD routine and example projects, VB data loging projects, go here and if you want to use a mocrocontroller from 8051 family and want to interface with PC through serial or parallel port along with temperature data
communication can be done using ASCII-based command/response protocol. Both microcontrollers should use serial port interrupts with small (8-16bytes) buffers. See also this: Rgds, IanP
U get ready made RF transmitter and receiver which operates at 433MHz. you can directly connect it to your controller and write a serial communication program to get or send the data from the controller. these transmitter and receiver are locally made and are available cheap in the market.
Hi, I would like to control 2 serial ports from PC with 8051. Which MCU can I choose to achieve it? Thx~
I try to using the 8051 to decode the serial data send from a PTZ keyboard (using Pelco D / P protocol) The data transmitted from the keyboard will be something like this: ff 01 00 04 20 00 25 (This will make the camera to pan left at moderate speed) "synch byte" - ff "address byte" - 01 command 1 byte - 00 (no action) (...)
For sending and recieving byte throught serial port of the com u need to have null modem cable connected via MAX 232 to ur 89C51. For programming u need to decide first baud rate u want to communicate with. According to ur working frequency calculate count to be kept in counter. Counter has to be kept in such mode (...)
Start with connecting PS/2 (or AT) keyboard .. Here you will find working code: You can modify this code in such a way that the microcontroller will send "key-pressed" ASCII code via serial port to your PC (with Hyperterminal) for verification .. Regards, IanP
what type of RTC are u using? is it on serial bus,I2C or what?
All , Can anyone give me the solution about "how to interface serial RTC HT1380 with 81051 MicroController, I am doing coding in assembly language. Any help ??
Take a look at this example: Instead of displaying the result on an LCD panel it sends it out in ASCII format through the serial port .. Regards, IanP
Get hold of any serial to usb converter and choose a printer with USB connectivity. Using serial commands through the 8051 , try to control the printer.
"8051 Tutorial: serial communication" Regards, IanP
If I were you I would start with 8052+MAX-232 connect it to a PC via serial port and try to implement PS/2 keybort routine so each time you press a key you will "see" its ASCII representation on PC's screen (using Windows Terminal, for example) .. Here is an example of "C" code for PS/2 ke
Easiest solution ever. Use MAX232 from , download the datasheet for h/w connection. Use Timer0 or Timer1 as a baudrate generator (You can find here a good 8051 baudrate calculator ) and start talking to your uC serially. Hope that helps.
One option of addressing this issue is to implement serial port interrupt with Tx and Rx buffers .. By doing this you will not loose bytes and the incoming string is processed by microcontroller while waiting for another character to arrive to the SBUF .. Here is the ready-to-go assembly code .. Re
Hi all, i'm looking for this type of programmer(serial), preferably ISP coz i need to build one which size is as small as possible. I would to know the software to download the .hex as well. Plz help, thanks........
can any one explain me the circuit and method of 8051 interfacing with serial eeprom??
check website for interfacing parallel and serial port. first get the details of the port then u can write ur own routines and wire ur circuit
The AT24C02 is a serial EEPROM using two 2 wires (clock and data) to connect to 8051. You have to get use with what is called a bit bang procedure that emulates the I2C bus required by AT24C02. Read carefully AT24C02 datasheet and these two documents:
Try serial eeproms such as for example 93C46 (and other members of that family). Here you have some hints: Regards, IanP