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Did you mean PIC and/or PLC? A mixture of lowecase and uppercase characters may lead in a misleading. Anyway, for both cases, considering that most GSM module interfaces are serial, I do not really see any issue there.
Hi all, I have wrote a small program for usart module at mplabx ide v2.35. I am using Realterm for communication software. Between my development board and usb port of pc there is a USB-serial converter. My problem is: when i send 0x82, i receive 0x22 most of the time. Interesting thing is that; whenever I control my data from the output (...)
I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on (...)
132031 SMAHO is an application allow to control you home by arduino or any microcontrollers support serial communication. you can link you phone and arduino by using bluetooth module like HC-05 or HC-06 or other bluetooth module support serial comm
Hello, Trying to interface M590 with Arduino Uno. Example sketches did not work. Then I connected GSM to my laptop via USB to serial FTDI module. Using arduino serial monitor, communication with GSM module seems alright as all AT commands responded by M590 module is correct. But M590 (...)
Hi, the names on the CAN controller say RD and WR. These are control lines for parallel bus communication. --> These are no serial, no UART, no RxD, no TxD lines. Please refer to the SJA datasheet on how to communicate with the IC. Klaus
Hi, The interface between the GPS module(specific manufacturer) & LPC2148 is the serial communication like UART. The module continuously sends that serial data containing the location parameters like longitude & latitude etc... In the serial data string first six bytes matches with the (...)
HI, Actually am looking to communicate my laptop to microcontroller without any level converter(max232),Is it possible to connect USB (D+ & D-)Pin directly with microcontroller (TX & RX)Pin. You cannot connect directly the D+ and D- lines to TXd and RxD lines. there is no data format relationship . not p
If you don't have experience in pic programming ,lets start with the MIKROC and proteus software. It is very easy to start because Mikro c wil give you a very simple library but don't forget to read the datasheet. Zigbee module is nothing but the same uart communication. You just need to send data through serial port, the (...)
i am having xbee2 module, my aim is to transmit serial data wirelessely. i am using xbee in transparent mode. i am having a pic micro 18f25k22 that operates in 3.3v . now i am printing a serial message "testing xbee" this is done if connect to hyperteminal i can see this. now i connected the tx terminal of pic to D-IN terminal of xbee, on (...)
I am trying to send serial data output from single pin using PIC18f4550 what logic I have to implement if I want to send 01001010 using RB0 pin. My serial port is busy with some other function. I am using serial to parallel connected at RB0 pin of microcontorller I have used timer to generate clock, but not getting how to (...)
Hi Friends, I want to design wireless Device control using CC2500 Uart module. For transmitter part, i am transmitting a string which must be visible at hyperterminal. But its not as expected. H/w is ok as i had tested it with other i/o operation. Before this i had tried this with 16Mhz n 11.0592Mhz but though not succeed then i had follo
I am using Atmega 32 Application needs 2 Rx lines. In fact using GSM modem and GPS module. It needs communication with both, but I need one at a time only. GSM needs both Rx and Tx, : so giving the serial port to this. One more Rx is needed for GPS module. I wish to use 74LS257 multiplexer to select one of the two (...)
dear aman if you are beginner then you directly moving gsm is not good idea. do on serial communication and other things then you move on. Please try something and ask help. here everybody are there to guide you not to provide ready made stuff
What i understand about your problem, that is your circuit is not establishing serial communication. if it is ur problem then u can shear with me. my email is (
Hi, Can any tel me how the communication can be established?? Hi, you can use it as a serial port on ur PC side.
how can i create my own daq module for matlab using micro controllers? what is the idea behind this daq module? is it uart communication? you can certainly connect a microcontroller to Matlab either using a UART to a COM port or USB http:
Hi everyone, I'm working on SIM5218E wcdma module but I have some trouble about serial communication. When I connect to serial cable and open cutecom , I only see "'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'p'" this datas. So I can't do anything. I'm sending AT command but I can't recieve any answer from serial (...)
could you use one of the ADSP 21060 SHARC synchronous serial interfaces with a FTDI's USB to hi-speed module?
Hai all This is my new project. I want to interface a digital camera module to the micro-controller ATmega32. The camera module is uCAM-TTL camera module from 4D systems. I interface the camera module and i implemented the communication systems everything.I can communicate with the camera (...)