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Hi, -I wrote some codes for these modules(serial receiver & transmitter). -Both were synthesized and implemented on Spartan-3 and they worked correctly. -I want to use them as components in another module so i need the codes to be more modular than now. This is the Receiver : entity Receiver is Port ( Clk :
Yeah you just use the micro and Manchester encoding code to send the data, RF is tricky at the best of times rf solutions do a 8pin pic that you send data through serial port then that sends all the data look on there for the Rf803e they do through hole and smt versions saves the headache
They are all serial compatible to be able to send data. Whether it is TTL or CMOS comapatible depends on the actual design but if it runs from a 5V supply it almost certainly is. Brian.
You need a Encoder IC like HT-12E to make it serial. and connect the transmitter circuit on the out pin of HT-12E. You can refer a lot of circuits available in internet using HT-12E & HT-12D(Decoder at receiver end)
Hi, I have a bunch of sensor signals that I want to transmit using a single serial data line, instead of one wire for each. There is a lot of information on serial to parallel, but what do I need to convert from parallel to serial? Can I just use a 555 for clock and some kind of shift register? to put back the (...)
LEDs are suitable primarily for local-area-network applications with bit rates of 10-100 Mbit/s and transmission distances of a few kilometers HFBR-1116T transmitter HFBR-2116T Receiver The HFBR-1116/-2116 series of data links are high-performance, cost-efficient, transmitter and receiver modules for serial optical (...)
I want to design a PSK (BPSK/DPSL/QPSK/OQPSK) modulated transmitter using FPGA based board. Output can be 70MHz IF or directly S-band modualted RF signal. Input will be 10Mbps NRZ-L serial data. I've heard about IQ modulator which takes baseband analog input & generates RF output. Does anyone has block diagram of IQ modualtor scheme ?
Friends, I tried to interface serial RS232 as a transmitter (PC) and mcs51 as a receiver (RX) with 433Mhz, 2400 Baud, MCS51 is receiving data I have sent, but the response is very slow, why is that ? Can I put antenna to extend the distance ? How can I put antenna ? and how can I make the response faster ? In the receiver : sw
Friends, I want to test my RF module like this one : 74963 With MCS 51 as a receiver and PC as transmitter (serial port) I connect TX pin from PC to data on transmiter module, is it possible ? I tranmit using PuTty and receive with MCS51(I connect data into RX or pin 10 on AT89S52), I haven't seen any responses, A
The baud rate is normally set by the requirements of the licensing aurthority as is the modulation - Am/ FM/QPSK/PM ? if you want a serial protocol, you have to specify it your self and then program a processor to generate it. the so called serial protocols have been standardised to allow interchange of data between different manufacturers (...)
hi I have a problem interfacing RF module(433Mhz ask) to 8051(atmel 89C51). I am using two micro controllers First: I have written a simple program to transmit 'A' serially if P1^0 is high in transmitter micro controller(uc1). and at receiver micro controller(uc2) to take serial data and put in on P1 of (uc2
HI, I have IR transmitter and Receiver on my Design Board. I have to send and receive the data through optical reader ( generally used to read Energy Meter data) which will interface to PC. Could anyone the suggest ready available product having IR transmitter and Receiver with serial or USB (...)
Dear all I am doing a project based on wireless communication. I am using Xbee transceivers as shown in the link ( ). I wanted to know if i need to program the transceivers one as transmitter and one as receiver prior to sending data or receiving data. If yes can you pleas
Hello. Anyone experienced with TOSHIBA TOSLink? I am trying to Send data from Microcontroller (AT91SAM7S64) to PC COM Port using TOSLink Optical Fiber. I am using TOTX147 transmitter and TORX147 Receiver Module. My Connection is like below: MCU TXD ----------> TOTX147 VIN TORX147 VOUT ----------> PC COM Port (through MAX232 circui
i need a serial data transmitter which is to be interfaced with PIC 16f877A and also i have to receive the data and i want to display the same.... pls suggest a transmitter and receiver module for that.....
To establish communications from a PIC to a PC using the RS-232 PORT on PC. You must correctly connect a MAX232 to the PIC, then the RS-232 TX, RX and GND Pins can be connected to an RS-232 cable or to the PC RS-232 PORT. PIC RS232 BigDog
i'v being trying to transmitted 4 i/p data at pins 2,3,4 & 5 of pic16f877a, by giving the PIC o/p to encoder HT640 whose serial o/p is given to transmitter TPL434A. please someone help me with this programme. Its very important please
hey everyone, i am doing a final year project on an rf signalling system for busy zones. it requires that i use a an rf transmitter and receiver and two microcontroller for both modules. i am using 89c2051 for thr transmitter and 89c51 for the receiver. i want to be able to save the zone data on the microcontroller and send it through (...)
if i have data how can i output it serially ??
As dharanidhar said, some of the RF transmitter have UART interface. So, your controller will send the data to the RF transmitter through this serial interface and, in turns your RF transmitter will transmit the data. Check this RF transmitter, it may give you a clue. RF (...)