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To give such complete corruption there is either an interface problem or the transmission parameters are wrong. Please confirm you are using the correct Baud rate, parity and stop bits. Please confirm both ends of the link are either logic level serial or rs232 but not one of each. Brian.
Dear All, I'm trying to create a software UART for my 16f877a controller for interfacing serial bluetooth and gsm modem for a home automation purpose. But i got stuck in the first step itself. First i tried FORCE_SW function on the CCS C complier but it is not working properly. i mean, the data displayed on the terminal is full of junk. the c
I guess you don't understand yet how the incremental encoder interface works. It's not a digital data output that can be connected to a serial interface. Instead it has quadrature signals A/B and an index pulse channel that have to be processed by a special quadrature encoder interface.
Hi, I am looking for a cheap digital multimeter with RS 232 or USB interface. The features I require are 1. DC voltage measurement 2. AC voltage (upto 600 VAC) 3. DC current range, 2,20,200 ma Could anyone suggest a suitable meter... thanks a
I needed a serial DB9 to TTL interface recently and found one "too cheap to be real" on Ebay. It had a fake MAXIM chip in it and the DB9 was female instead of male! I have never heard of them burning out though, it does sound like you are applying wrong voltages or not connecting the ground pins. Brian.
I think you need to go the serial route, just use some registers ... you'll need to bitbang your serial inputs and send the actual data... anyway, I suggest you to make this only for about 100 inputs only (let's say 128 inputs that's 16 8bit registers!!!! so make that circuit 4 times but change from rs232 to RS485, so you can connect in (...)
Nothing changes, the whole communication process is the same as would be on a native COMx serial interface. The USB / rs232 conversion is performed transparently from the user's point of view.
Yes, you only need TX, RX and ground but are you sure you are using the correct voltages at the interface? When you say "FTDI module", do you mean ONLY an FTDI interace or is it a full USB serial interface as used for PC serial links. If it is, it may have an on-board rs232 level shifter which will invert (...)
hello, Compatible with ESC/POS command set, more characters style setting commands serial(RS-232C ) interface maybe these old document can help you.. ESC command for printer just try to send direct command with a rs232 terminal to the printer like VBRAY terminal , easy to send ESC sequence of char with programmable
The cheap chinese ethernet-to-rs232 bridge has a function similar to Lantronix X-port, but I don't believe that you can seriously expect long term availibility. The WIZnet chips are a different kind of ethernet interface. They would be used if you want to add more than a simple serial port over ethernet, e.g. multiple ports or specific (...)
if you down load Visual studio Express it has a serialPort component which enables C++, C# and VB programs to communicate with an rs232 serial port you can read the temperature and plot graphs vers time etc see also
Specifically, DTR and DSR are part of the rs232 interface, they are for handshaking with another device connected through the serial interface. They do not connect to the host processor. Normally they would be converted to/from V24 levels in the same way as the TXD and RXD signals. DSR = Data Set Ready. DTR = Data (...)
Hi I need some information about these 2 communication differences. forexample: what is it? driver load impedance. thanks
hello experts I need help I want burn some hex code into the memory of microcontroller so recently I bought usb rs232 serial cable with driver cd. after installing driver I can't find com port in device manger I see only two option window 7 PORT (COM&PORT) ZTE Diaagnostics interface (com 4) ZTE NMEA Device (COM 5) when (...)
CDC is a protocol specification, virtual com port is a MS Windows interface to access different communication channels (e.g. USB, rs232 remote servers, Bluetooth devices with serial protocol) as if they where connected to a physical com port.
I read older thread and actually I am getting confuse on that does "GSM SIM 300 Modem with rs232" need MAX 232 for connection?could anybody give me any idea of this. the sim300 generally has both TTL and rs232 serial interfaces - if so you should be able to interface directly to a micro without the need of (...)
You can bypass the RF stuff and use just the serial port in wired or optical, for test purposes.
Hello, I am using Adafruit Thermal Printer.i need to interface(serial) this thermal printer with my Micro controller(Nuvoton-NUC121 series). Can i do it using UART in my controller and also do i need any printer specific drivers to do it .i will use UART -rs232 communication in my board. Any help will be appreciated, Regards, (...)
You'll want to check which answers are actually received from the modem and why the comparison fails. This can be either done by operating the PIC16 under an in-circuit debugger or by sniffing the serial interface between processor and modem with dual channel rs232 interface and a suitable tool, e.g. docklight.
hello, I want to make rs232 serial interface of fpga with pc. i need a vhdl code for this. also i want to know how to assign the pins in the fpga for this? I am using xillinx spartan 3 kit. thank you. Hi priteshkukadia, here is the sample reference code for serial communication with fpga.
send and receive data from internet to micrcontroller by using (rs232 serial to Ether Dear Experts i want to interface my pic microcontroller PIC16f72 by using (rs232 serial to Ethernet TCP Convert Module USR-TCP232-T) . i want to send and receive data from internet to microcontroller and (...)
CP2102 is used in USB to serial adapter. You have to use MAX232 to interface rs232 side to TTL side of uC. I don't know whether you can use the same programming software which works with COM port to programm using USB port. USB ports are shown as COM16, etc... (as virtual COM ports). If the programming software has option to use (...)
I hope that explanation is clear. Although the explanation is almost clear, it doesn't seem to make much sense in the context of serial interface standards. The only configurable interface chips I'm aware of can be switched between RS-422/485 (differential 0/5 V) and rs232 (singled ended +10/-10 V or reduced level). But (...)
The RS-232 is simply a series of standards for serial data transmission, while the MAX232 is one of many available RS-232 standard compliant transceivers intended for implementing an RS-232 interface. RS-232 - Wiki The RS-232 Standard [URL=
Agreed. A serial interface is a good way to get started. The rs232 code on fpga4fun Just Works so you can concentrate on other stuff... You only need to assign the RX/TX IO's in your top level design, change the baudrate and you're good to go.
i am designing a prototype of multi microcontrollers with single pc using shared medium. data collision is avoided using software and terminal's address based communication. i used a common Tx Rx and ground of these microcontrollers(terminals) and connected with PC. i have used two microcontrollers' terminals and the problem is that when i connect
rs232 = Recommended Specification 232 which deals with handshaking and protocols for transferring serial data using a V24 interface. MAX232 = An IC made by Maxim with sections to convert TTL voltage levels to V24 voltage levels and sections to convert V24 to TTL, basically a voltage level shifter. As you can see, the two are completely (...)
It is. 1. Connect Tx, Rx and GND between serial port on PC or USB or serial convertor and ur microcontroller board rs232. 2. Set up an interrupt routine for rs232 communication in MCU, so that whenever u type in any letter the transmit receive register will receive the byte, save the byte in RAM and reset the interrupt flag (...)
Perhaps you need to explain. You have a sim900 GSM module. That one has what looks like DB9 rs232-type serial connector to interface with a PC. To get any of these to work, you normally need a SIM card and arrangement with a mobile network operator. So - if you have a working interface to your PC, you would be able to (...)
It's way simpler to use the USB if you go through an rs232 interface like an FT232 chip and then use the standard drivers that produce a virtual serial port through USB and then use either a terminal emulator on your PC or write your own code to send commands to the serial port. This way you avoid all the USB configuration (...)
Hi RishabhG, we can do this by, serial communication using UART module in PIC16F microcontroller. Communicate with PC through rs232 protocol. LabVIEW dont have special toolkit for pic microcontroller.
I would almost bet that u need a usb host capable MCU, else buy a cheap cellphone with serial interface (rs232) like old motorola/siemens or try nokia FBUS.
1 Wire to serial interface Circuit using max3232E IC, This interface can daisy chain 1Wire device such as 18S20 Supply Voltage 5VDC, (schematic / ready PCB is available ) 77383
it depends on what interface technology you wish to use.... if its serial communication using rs232 cable or zigbee you need max232.. if you want to do it using RF then it is not required
cant go wrong with picaxe, u just need the mcu, 3 resistors and a rs232 serial port on the pc. Then donwload the free programming editor and start programming in basic. lots of tutorial, manuals and a good forum also. i started mcu and digital electr. with just 20 bucks with the picaxe system. 84260
hello.. I'm starting a project on labView first time. and I have planed to develop a project on PIC16F877A serial communication with LabView plot data recieved from rs232 interface. My serial communication is ok now. ( I have written a vb6 programme and its working fine). for testing purpose Im sending 0 to 9 integers via (...)
While the USB interface is 'simply' a serial interface, it has quite a complex protocol, is bidirectional and fast. The AT89C51 (and any other small MCU) is simply not capable of handling the interface without additional hardware/firmware. The MCU is not nearly fast enough to be able to bit-bang the (...)
Hi everybody, I am searching for a device which could switch between 2 VGA or HDMI sources lets say PC's and one computer monitor. The device has to be electronically controlled, lets say by serial port rs232 or even some other interface. Anyhow, rs232 is enough. I cant find a device like this on the internet. I can (...)
I am performing some testing and I need to have a satellite modem with an RS422 (db37) interface adapter communicate with my PC rs232 serial Port (db9). I believe I will need some type of converter for the modem and PC to communicate but curious if there is a way to do this without a converter such as building a cable RS422 (db37) to (...)
Hello everyone, I'm trying to send signals to ATMEGA32 using serial port in order to control motors connected with any port, probably PORTA. The problem is my sample code runs in simulation but doesn't work in real time hardware. Can anybody help me what are the issues associated with this kind of problem and how can i overcome this. I've tested th
Friends, I tried to interface serial rs232 as a transmitter (PC) and mcs51 as a receiver (RX) with 433Mhz, 2400 Baud, MCS51 is receiving data I have sent, but the response is very slow, why is that ? Can I put antenna to extend the distance ? How can I put antenna ? and how can I make the response faster ? In the receiver : sw
serial Port Interfacing with 2010
I am trying to interface an 16F887 and MATLAB using the serial port. I am using the CCS C compiler. I am able to run the ex_float.c example using hyperterminal. But when I tried the following code to get 3 characters from MATLAB, it is giving weird numbers. #include<16F887.h> #fuses HS, NOWDT, PUT, NOPROTECT, NODEBUG, BROWNOUT, NOL
Hi guys, I need some information about university project. I'm making a project with microcontroller(HCS08 freescale) and i want to interface it with bluetooth device(PAN1321) that support serial port profile . I know that must send AT commands to able SPP and so i've rs232 serial cable emulation, but i don't understand (...)
Hi guys, I need some information about university project. I'm making a project with microcontroller(HCS08 freescale) and i want to interface it with bluetooth device that support serial(PAN 1321) port profile . I know that must send AT commands to able SPP and so i've rs232 serial cable emulation, but i don't (...)
You have mixed things a bit and the picture is not clear, and this could be a reason for not getting responces so far. What exactly are you trying to do? What does a relay or a LED have to do with serial communication? What is the exact problem? Reading from those components or send data through rs232? They are two different tasks. How can a relay
I've not used the AT89C5131 (and not really any Atmel - I use PICs and TI chips mostly), but from a quick scan of the datasheet it has a built-in USB interface and this document ( ) describes how it is used in the virtual COM port mode. If your PC is not recognizing it as a COM port, then the MCU is probab
It is a modification of router. The device was developed with 1 Wire interface and serial port in standard rs232, but there are also outputs for an ordinary UART. Router can collect data from the sensors of meteorol
You may want study the examples below: serial interface (RS-232 and RS-485) and MATLAB Interfacing with MATLAB through
hello! I bought those well-known "bluetooth to serial tranciever" modules, which looks almost same as this one: Wireless Bluetooth rs232 TTL Transceiver Module - Air , also have CSR BC417143 chipset on it, except there are some SMDs which are replaced and