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My datalogging system which consits of the Flora, rtc, SD card breakout board, LSM9DS0 sensor is shown in the picture below; The sampling rate/s is capped at 30 when writing into the sd card. If I disable the sensor and only save the time it goes up to 65. Writing into the serial interface rather than the sd card makes the rate goes up (...)
Hi, The datasheet for that chip shows the program flow and timing diagrams for communicating with a micro. It used its own serial communications convention so you will have to write all your own Pic communications code. Assembler or C ? The more popular Maxim DS1307 rtc chip uses a standard I2C interface, though you near obselete (...)
Hi, I guess DS1307 is easier to use (also low cost and low pin count). DS1306 has some extra features like alarm, 2 communication methods, additional outputs (refer both datasheets for more information). But DS1307 only support 2-wire serial interface; if it is not convenient to you and want to stick with standard SPI, use DS1306; However datas
i'm interfacing ds1307 with 16f877 . i'm facing prob with receiving data //rtc program void serial(); int data; void ssp_ack(); unsigned char receive(unsigned char addr); unsigned char parameter,tx; void transformm(); void main() { //DS1307 INIT STARTS delay_ms(20); STATUS.RP0=1; //INTCON=0xD0; TRISC.F3=1; /
This is a very simple microcontroller circuit with an ADC (analog to digital converter), an rtc (Real time clock IC), an RS232 IC for serial communication and it looks like there is an LCD interface. The "Arrows" that you see are called "Off-page connectors". There are electrically tied together. They are used for schematic clarity. (...)
Here is example rtc interface 80c51 family. If your HT1380 is serial i2c rtc, this code is can be applied:
All , Can anyone give me the solution about "how to interface serial rtc HT1380 with 81051 MicroController, I am doing coding in assembly language. Any help ??
I do not know any website or book. Integrating a module with a uC is not a very difficult task. Look out for the following signals on the module 1. Power On/Power Off 2. Hardware reset signal 3. serial Rx and Tx pins 4. Ring indicator 5. Service Led 6. Ringer output 7. rtc power input Once you interface these signals with your uC (...)